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Asalamu 'Alaykuum,

Recently I heard a story about a person who dumped his wife on the street, with nothing. So I thought I'll post something up to remind us inshallah about marriage, its short, but I think it should do the job inshallah:

By MuslimBrother92

O my wife, we have now become one.
Our future inshallah, as bright as the sun.
Our hearts are compassionate towards each other.
Till the day we die, forever and ever.

Allowed to be together by Allah’s will,
We have chosen each other by our freewill.
Through good and bad we stick together.
And always be faithful to one another.

Inshallah our kids will be of pious people,
And that we’ll love them all and treat them equal.
We’ll wake up and find them jumping on us,
Until they hit our heads and make us un-conscious.

On the cold winter nights I’ll lend you my jacket,
And on the cold nights you’ll lend me your blanket.
When your sad just lean on me,
I’ll comfort you the way it’s meant to be.

When you’re sick I’ll be by your side,
Making du’a that you do not die.
My tears shall flow when you’re in pain,
As if my love your about to be slain.

And when it’s time to part our ways,
Know that I’ll love you, forever and always.
And do not cry when I leave this world,
Because in Jannah inshallah, you’ll be my pearl.

Some people would wish for a big house,
But my only wish is to be your spouse.
Even though sometimes things won’t go to plan,
All we have to do is stick to the Sunnah, and the Qur’an.

Just the fact that you’re my wife,
Has pieced together my broken life.
So please don’t break my heart and leave it shattered,
Because I’ll be down forever and forever battered.


:ma::ma::ma::ma::ma::ma::ma::ma::ma: very beautiful poem
jazakallah for sharing
May ALLAH bless you and the ummah.AMeen
walikum salam


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Aww, MashAllah aren't you a sweetheart.
InshaaAllah may you have the best wife, one with every quality you want and MORE. Ameen!!
May my husband be as blessed as your wife then.

It's rare to see such emotions and thoughts expressed in such a nice manner. Keep going with the poems! Your wife will certainly love to read them in the future!
As'salaamu Alaikum,
Pray for us all.


Sab'a Sita Ethnain
Asalamu 'Alaykuum,

Jazak Allahu Kheir everybody for the nice comments, I appreciate it. When people get married, they should know it isn't a joke. They really have to stick together.

Wasalam 'Alaykuum.


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Asalamu 'Alaykuum,

Jazak Allahu Kheir everybody for the nice comments, I appreciate it. When people get married, they should know it isn't a joke. They really have to stick together.

Wasalam 'Alaykuum.

I think the problem with most marriages (even for Muslims) is that when you get married for the wrong reasons, the marriage is wrong.
Meaning it doesn't work out. All the scholars advise--Marry for Deen. A man/woman perfect in deen and Allah will reward us most.
I belive there's a hadith on 4 things to marry a woman for, May Allah forgive me if I am in error,
Wealth, Beauty, Lineage, PIETY (Deen). And we're encouraged to go for the last category most, as Allah will rewards us most.

Same goes for men and women.
Shaytaan is making our hearts susceptible to things like: money, fame, physical beauty (and the lack of it inside).
May Allah guide us ALL and grant us the most perfect spouses for us, not in the eyes of the duniya.


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Asalamu 'Alaykuum,

Jazak Allahu Kheir for the comments. And yes, one should focus on marrying a person who is strong in their deen, and not because they are strong in other attributes. However, I myself do not want to get married, for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons being as one of our fellow Muslim's has pointed out, because most Muslim's, or the people in general, want a flashy lifestyle, and an almost exaggerated view of their spouse in terms of looks, fame etc. I for one believe, I cannot provide some of these attributes, so that is why inshallah my wife would be a Hoor from Jannah inshallah. But if I do find someone, then why not. And as I said, marriage is serious, even a 17 yr old like myself knows that! So shape up or get out.

Wasalam 'Alaykuum.


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Please don't say you don't want to get married--ever.
Allah makes our decisions for us, no matter what our intentions.
Also, we never know what we say may come true at that point.

Stay strong in your deen, let it grow, inshaaAllah.
Good to aim for the hoors in Jannah, but who knows, Allah may give you a wife better than them all.
We females certainly hope we are better than the hoors, and we are, Alhumdulillah.

Keep on with the poetry, mashaAllah it is great.

And perfect yourself in goodness. InshaaAllah. Allah has created someone for us based on who we are ourselves. Everything has its pair, and we only get what is like ourselves.
Don't want to get too philosophical.
May Allah guide you and love you.
And def, enjoy life as a 17 yr old and beyond. There's sweetness in life and Imaan at each age, you will remember it as you grow older.

May Allah bless you, and us all. Ameen.


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SubhanaAllah! man you got some mad talent:D:D:D:D
Allah bless you always.........!:D

you always write so beautifully, subhanaAllah, your poem might seem *short* but to the point! I love how you write them and how you approach the current problems of the ummaah!
you know, i feel so proud calling you my brother in faith!
Allah bless you , aand keeep enlightening us with your poetry:D:D:D:D
o0h Allah, unite the Ummah, forgive my brother's sins, grant Him patience in times of diffculties, bless him good in dunya and akhira, make him one of your beloved servants, keep him on the right path and bless him with a pious wife;)......ya Allah let him have jannah and let him meet his beloved brothers and sisters there!ameen,ameen,ameen ya ilahi!
jazakaAllah khairan for sharing this with us:D:D:D:D:D


Sab'a Sita Ethnain
Jazak Allahu Kheir, inshallah we all find blessed spouses, who are strong in their deen. Ameen.


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awwww thats really good mashaAllah! if only everyone thought like that, the world would be a better place :)


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Jazak Allahu Kheir for the comments, I appreciate them deeply. True love comes from the Quran and Sunnah, so whoever follows these will find themselves in a good realationship, ultimately making the world a better place, by following the Quran and Sunnah inshallah. O and there's a better poem that I composed called "The Comforter", in my opinion it's better than this one. You can find on these forums just search it up if you guys want inshallah.

Wasalam 'Alaykuum.


to Allah we belong

mashallah very beautiful poem.

if a person will recite this to his angry wife....i dont think she'll angry with him anymore. :)


OntheWayOf ALLAH
masaAllah really good poem .. Jazkallah khair ya brother.. again a great work from you MasaAllah


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lol @ brother ahmad_indian, yeah we should hope so, so that we don't have to sleep on the couch lol.

And Jazak Allahu Kheir to all who commented, walahi it makes me feel happy that you guys like it!

Wasalam 'Alaykuum.