Zina (fornication/Punishment)


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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, it's mahyar again !
Anyways i wanted to ask a serious question that I have failed to get a good answer on. I'm not sure how many of you guys have really put some thought in this and perhaps it may need a scholar for an acceptable answer. But inshallah' I will still pose it.
The man/women who is guilty of fornication is to be stoned to death. This is the law of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, no different then the law of the torrah. And Allah is not one to change his laws, and Allah's law is the law of the righteous. In our lands we don't want Zina and it is beest for us inshallah.

What I want to know is how do you find someone guilty for this act? Scholars and im 95 % sure the Quran says produce 4 witnesses to testify of seeing the act. And if the witnesses are proven of false testimony, then lash each of them with 80 lashes, show no remorse in your lashing and never accept from them any testimony. This testimony should be taken from people who are accepted in the community as being truthful and not people who just came out of jail and what not.
Now i wanted to emphasize on the fact that 4 people need to see with their own eyes, the private parts of the two parties meeting. I really have a hard time believing 4 people walked on on some people committing fornication.. It's almost like a miracle if that ever happenened. lol
Besides that, what if ..... I the husband, caught someone in bed with my wife, but there is no one else there? what if the guy ran away, and my wife never admits it? I could never get her punished, because im missing 3 other people.. The Quran/hadith speicifcally says 4 , not blood samples or anything it says 4 eye witnesses..

Now I read something on fiqh, it said it's also permissbile if the people admit to doing the act.. Let me ask you a serious question, who in their right mind would ever admit of doing this act? Why would they get stoned to death and then know they would meet their lord for eternal hell fire? Would they not just lie and seek Allah's forgivness until they are called to death?

I would love to hear your views, I would love to know how these stonings happen in other countries, do they actually have 4 witnesses seeing it? I remember some lady admitted to it in Iran recently , why the hell did she admit it? did she think they were going to show remorse? Im not going to say yes Lie but does it make sense to tell the truth , die and go to hell? Or do you get some benifits for telling the truth?

Jazakallahu khair for the read, I would love to hear an intellegent/non emotional answer inshallah and sorry for the legnth of the post but it's really on my mind and I can't come up with a logical answer !

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkaatoh


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Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatuh

Firstly it's with adultery you get stoned for not Zina, of course adultery is zina too
but adultery is zina while married. Iran is not an Islamic country and its government is not ''Muslim'' one. Not even one Sunni person has been in Iranian government since the revolution. So insh'Allah take Iran away from your mind. Now in Afghanistan, Pakistan when was the last time it occured? It has happened in Somalia 4 times and I'm not sure with two of the cases there.

And also just like you said four witnesses are needed and I'm not sure about how many female and male witnesses together. That's the JUSTICE IN ISLÂM subhanAllah, four witnesses that makes it really hard. That's why in the time of our prophet SalAllahu Alayhi wasallam stoning was not something normal or the people there feared Allâh very much.

This stoning thing, let it get off your mind.


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jazakallahu khair..
So basically your saying the punishment is there in islam... But the odds of it happenening legititamately (4 eye witnesses) is slimmer then a camel jumping through the eye of a need.

if my question wasn't clear forgive me, my general question is how does this event legitamately take place, do 4 people usually open a door together?


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well I can imagine very well why somone would admit it... out of remorse... tawba/repentance in Islam is not a mere lip action... you have to feel it... and could it not be that someone who is guilty of zina has repented and still is so sorry for that... that he/she is ready to sacrifice her/his life in order to seek the plaesure of Allah... and do you really think that Allah will not forgive them in that case....

However it is better to hide ones sins , repent to Allah and get involved in good deeds...

and it is also better to hide the sins of others.... I don´t wish to anyone that he or she will be cheated or betrayed by a fellow muslim... but even if this happens we should not wish to take revange but we can quick our realations to that person and leave the matter to Allah... as hard it sound both the betrayer and the betrayed are equally participated in that act...

Wher you can have four witnesses.... Is that possible...?
Just a woman or men who is enjoying to have intercourse in public deserves to be stoned to death!



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If i remember correctly that i've read in Quran that in the case of husband seeing his wife commiting adultery then the one witness of the husband can be considered as 4, but please confirm it.


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brother,i recommend u read tafseer of surah noor,ayah 5to7 mentions what to do if the husband or wife accuses each other of adultery.
by the way,ALLAH has made 4 witnesses a must so that there is least doors of doubt open n solid fact is there when they stone a certain person to death.