Zionist Snipers Shoot Palestinian Children for Fun


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Footage released on YouTube clearly shows Israeli soldiers firing live rounds at Palestinian children playing on a roof in Al Khalil, an area of Hebron in Occupied Palestine.

An important piece of evidence attesting to the brutality of Israeli occupation. Yet, Facebook users have reported that the social media platform is preventing them from sharing the video.

Four soldiers lay on their chests on a rooftop. In the same shot, we see what appear to be two Palestinian children playing on a rooftop. One of the soldiers takes aim and shoots one of the Palestinians on the roof, clearly hitting him in the thigh.

The soldiers then celebrate. One imitates the flailing actions of the wounded Palestinian, while others shake the hand of the ‘successful’ sniper.

Facebook users attempting to share the video from the Scriptonite Daily Facebook page, reported being unable to share the video.

Source: http://www.iqna.ir/en/News/1445832

Video is below: