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  • salam
    you shouldn't be sick of my comments if you think me i m wrong somewhere you are welcome to correct me, we are all here to learn, now coming towards your question i have not listened that audio yet coz i was bz, and 2ndly those alims are local and black listed, now i think you will be able know my stance on jihad "who are black listed?" one can understand very well.
    salam alikom

    hope you are doing well brother , by the way i want to join that group oe teaching arabic how can i ? and jazaka allah khir katir brother
    assalamu alaikum brother,

    I hope you are doing well by the grace of Allah. How are things in Bangalore ?
    As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu bhaijan
    Hope you are doing well and good by the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. :))
    Wise Quote of the Day
    Invocations are a barrier between the slave and the hellfire, if the remembrance is contineous and permanent then the barrier is good and solid, if not, it is fragile and torn. [Ibn Ataillah].
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