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  • hey sis javeria never knew ur name lolzz iam fine how are missing sis hiba hey do u know i got paki passport actuallu they dont give studet visa to iranian in the gulf lol

    and i gave interview in urdu hahahaha and i was sooooooo funny
    :lol:siskakiaririka my name is javeria:pkakiarirka:pso ahow about yours huh??kikikkikaaaifjkiikkaiosjfioah fasdi :lol:

    funny thread that one:Dhow are your sis:)
    Jazakala khayera sis for the DuA's. iam doin great sis allahumdulilah sis. hw abt you? how are you doin? lOvE you for the sake of allah too sis.
    assalamualikum,dear sis how r u?n how ru doing
    hope u have nt fgotten me!if u have forgotten then fine i m here to remind u....:tongue:
    jus take cre :)
    May Allah bless u n your family
    walikumsalam Aisha
    haha don't say sorry lol, main naraz rhorey hoan but tumhare yaad ahy tuo msg kar deya;) don't take it serious, lol enjoy karo:lol: ...........jub free ho tuo online ah jana , abhi tuo guests ko serve karo:p aur kidmat karo aur duaiain loo barayon ki:lol:
    haha saans lehty rehna lol asha na hoo ka guests main itny busy ho kay saans lehna bhool jahoo:p tuo main phir Aisha kahan se lahon gy:p
    take care alot
    Allah hafiz:)
    hehehe yeah i did:D:D:D
    yeas i'm so happy abot things becoming right again:)don't ask:pit wasn't easy:(

    yeah this site is the kinda place where once in you don't want to get out:)

    love you too;)
    no dear i just had some password troubles that's all.....akhi mabsoot wasn't arund so i had to wait:).......

    i love you siis:SMILY252:i'm fine alhumdulillah:)

    jow you doing!!!what's up at your end:p
    Walaykumu salaam

    I missed you soo much! How are you?? Alhumdulillah I'm a bit better now, thankss.
    walaikum salam sister Aisha,
    sorry i didn't even realized u replied,
    yea i think you went to westminister school ansari brother told me, either this was the high school or the one before that , i remember the name westminister cuz my brother high school was called westminister too.
    but Mashallah u know urdu :) thats really kool every language has its own benefits.
    btw :) im kinda surprised to hear ur mom is from Karachi SubhanAllah i could have never guessed, but Alhumdulilah urdu is something now u know and they dont lol :)

    lol yea if you think their urdu is funny you should listen to my punjabi (im basically from Pakistani province punjab and my parents speak this language) lol im so bad at it that when i speak my mom tells me to stop cuz her stomach would start hurting from laughing :S yep! im pretty bad lol but Alhumdulilah im learning :)

    btw wat u studying now?
    salam brother

    yes because when i was in school there were no irani girls so i had friend they were pakistani although it was a british school but the majority was egyptian and pakistani so i started learning from them and then i gave urdu as second language in olevels although no one knows hw to read and write in my house my mom is from karachi but she is rooted from iran and never been to pakistan

    so i got interested in speaking urdu and the culture of pakistan and then i started speaking urdu

    and still most of the people in my house do not know how to speak any one listens to their urdu they burst in laugh lol
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