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  • great bro ! well, why are you going back to pakistan? you can also stay there, or do any job and then call your parents ... and then you can settle down over there it self, it's the safest country in the whole wide world , as allah has said ..
    oh! great ... welcome to my country shaheerpak well, jeddah and Riyadh both are closer to mekkah .. it would be better if you go and settle down in jeddah , because jeddah is more closer to mekkah , more then riyadh .. as i stay in riyadh , Riyadh is not so close , but jeddah is very close.. well, brother me staying in Riyadh ,we all have a car .. so we go by our car to mekkah .. i dont have any idea how much will it cost .. my dad knows all about this , when my dad comes home , i will let you know.. and dont be nervous .. it is a place where our beloved prophet took birth , and i am happy to stay here .. well, you too be happy .. but are you visiting to Saudi Arabia in occasions or for job? and if once you go there , then many Arabs will never hesitate you to teach arabic
    Assalamu Alaikkum Sister
    How are you? good to hear you are from Saudi Arabia. Masha Allah. Take care. Wassalam
    oh inshallah ....allah will give yo the streanth to go to saudi arabia and inshallah you will have the capability to do hajj twice,trice and many more times ...i will pray allah that you do hajj ,see saudiarabia many times (inshalllah)
    Assalamu'alaikum ukhti
    You're from saudi arabia...? Subhanallah..that's great..!
    I really want to go to your country someday, for Hajj of course ^_^
    Barakallahu fiik sister
    salamualaikum, welcome to this group and feel free to share all your doubt's and inshallah allah will also help you all in this-ameen-
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