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    Beauty of the Nature (and Allah of course)

    Awesome... Subhanallah...
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    Question: Waiting for your opinion

    May almighty Allah help u . U trust on Allah n rely on him . We too make dua for ur Shahadha in sha allah .
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    converting and in need of advice

    Wa alaikum salam . May almighty Allah shower his rahmath on you . Sister u recite the dua '' INNALILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAAJI UN '' You just leave it for the sake of Allah , he will give u a better job than this in sha allah.
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    Problem New and need help

    Dear sister . Alhamdulillah . Now ur in straight path . Than asking the help from the creations , u ask the help from the Creator almighty Allah . Definitely he will help u in sha allah. Make dua in sha allah.
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    I want to have muslim caucasian husband

    dr sisteq better solution z u seeking allah s help as hez d best provider for allll needs.. Dua farman sistr..