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    The Favourite Recitation Thread ! Listen, Watch and Post!

    Salmaan bin 'Ali 'Utaybi recites verses 1-9 from surat al-Ghafir
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    Salaam It does help sometimes Big sis but problem is I can't have it when I need it the most because I'm fasting so I'm there rolling round in pain praying for it to stop and slowly but surely it does stop throbbing on my head eventually but leaves me feel drained.
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    :salam2: I suffer from really bad migraines infact the actual term is called "Cluster Headaches" which is actually worse then migraines and seems to affect me the most during Ramadan, this year specially its been the worst I can remember I had to break my fast twice already because of the...
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    Riots in London?

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    Hello all

    :salam2: Allahu Akbar! I was just following this thread that was started a while back and now you have gone on your journey and taken Shahadah SubhanAllah it always amazes me how Allah swt guides whom he wills and I always see a increase on the number of people embracing Islam to the run...
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    Scary! Jinn Interrupts A Phone Conversation

    Salaam Sister, Here is the full thing 52mins long, It was Iqra TV in the UK and the program is called "Roadside2islam" the presenter is called Abu Bakr he's a revert brother and the link I'm giving is from his youtube page so please check it out if anyone is interested. w/s...
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    Osama bin Laden is dead, says US

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    Osama bin Laden is dead, says US

    Salaam Aroosak, I was just about to post the same thing, I wokeup and it was all over the t.v and the first thing I thought was "hmmm is it true?" I Personally don't believe it's true just another bull story as I have heard many times before just like the how he a man that lives in the cave...
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    Video Islam sweeping through China

    Salaam Here is a better version of it with English Subtitles :) u1Lc12A-fns
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    Sahaba Names written on feets by shia Kaffir and abusive words

    :salam2: I do not see the point in you posting these pictures, We all know the Shia do not like alot of the Sahaba and some of them will resort to disgusting things like this. Please Remove those pictures!!!
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    Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ninowy Tonight in Rochdale

    Assalam u Alaykum, We are pleased to announce our upcoming event, this Sunday, 'Dajjal and Isa(as)', which will feature the world famous Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ninowy. We are truly blessed to have a Shaykh of such grandeur and knowledge coming to the Rochdale and should not miss this...
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    If The Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. were Among Us

    Asalamu Alai'kum This is a video about the prophet Muhammad "pbuh" in an arabic program which talks about how Muslims respect and love the prophet and what they will do If he P.B.U.H. were Among Us. We just love our prophet and want to meet him in the Hereafter InshaAllah!!!! Nice video...
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    Myriam Francois-Cerrah

    :salam2: No brother you got that wrong the person that played that part was called Lucy Boynton Sister was Mariem was never a actress. :)
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    Michael Jackon

    Salaam. Perhaps this short interview from Jermaine Jackson will put the question to bed once and for all in Particular from 1:35, Very good interview to listen to regarding his situation. jGHWLI0491Y
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    Neo Athiest Bill Maher "Am I a racist"...