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    Islamic question

    If Allah does not guide a person, he is letting them be misguided. So in actuality, he isn't really forcing misguidance on anyone, people themselves have chosen it as their fate.
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    Am i a muslim

    :salam2: Be wary as losing hope will drag you to kufr. We must always be hopeful that Allah will forgive us, and if we are sincere enough then I don't see why not? Allah does not like to see his believers in pain.
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    Athiestism loses credibility!

    :salam2: I believe he is Shi'a. So personally even if the information was good, I would still not want to use his works to gain knowledge
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    Should I disobey my husband?

    :salam2: Please don't be sad sister, if you just can't see the light in this topic and are only saying you will obey your husband to respect the Prophet PBUH then just think of it as a test in life. InshAllah you will be rewarded greatly, don't forget Allah knows how we think and he also knows...
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    good-bye TTI

    :salam2: Don't worry guys, I think she is going through puberty now. In all seriousness, sister I understand, I went on your thread, i voted, but I did not leave a comment. You have to be strong about some things, no matter how soft (like mirajmom) or how hard the reply is. The reply to...
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    How can I make this Islamic short article better. I need help please

    really now? I never knew that. The Shi'a population is growing very fast and their minds simply cannot be governed with العقلانية (rationality) 1) They whips their skin with metal and fire. هذا العقلاني 2) Money by the millions are being spent on the dead. هذا العقلاني 3) Claiming that that...
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    How can I make this Islamic short article better. I need help please

    I think you should start off with being a bit informal and more on the comedy side. Start of with "What is Islam? 4 wives whaat?! terrorists whaat?! suicide bombing whaat?! extremists whaat?! oppress women whaat?! and many more of the fairy tales you have probably heard.." After this make your...
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    Is all Music Haraam?

    :wasalam: I'm not a scholar or anything sister so please check with others. As far as I know, if a child is addicted to something from a small age, it is very likely that they will do it when they grow up until someone stops that addiction.
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    Pray that I feel better

    :salam2: Brother don't give up hope because that is a big sin! You have to remain steadfast and patient. Firstly, check if the Du'a you are making is reasonable, not something like "I want a 50 inch flat screen T.V. so I can devote my time to watching Peace TV." Don't be too specific in your...
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    Sheikh al-Areefi Advises a Woman on a Plane

    :salam2: thanks for sharing I love Shaykh Muhammad al-Arifi.. do you know a site where I can download his videos?
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    My Dream

    :salam2: I'm a guy in my teens. I always wanted to become a scholar/da'ee (or a part-time scholar).. something along the lines of having another another occupation (perhaps something related to the medical field) and at the same time studying about Fiqh, giving Dawah etc etc. Maybe something...
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    How to argue with the shiai!!

    You cannot be rational with the Shi'a. 1) What kind of rationality is this that whips its skin with metal and fire? 2) Money by the millions are being spent on the dead, is this rationality? 3) Claiming that that there's a person (12th Imaam) who is absent for thousands of years and in his...
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    How to argue with the shiai!!

    :salam2: JazakAllah for this information. Keep it coming! Anything that will benefit us, just keep it coming. I think you should join the forum Shiachat. In there, there is a Sunni-Shia Dialogue.. go there and help some brothers out! And for those who say we shouldn't be concentrating...
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    It's always back to the one and only

    :salam2: This has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard brother. Alright, I know the perfect remedy. Delete AND block her from your MSN or wherever you chat with her because the minute she comes online, you will have a strong urge to message her and start chatting, and if she messages...
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    Lets Spread True Islam

    Many people have a wrong impression of Islam.. yes it is true. When they are exposed to Islam or if they want to learn about it what do they encounter? Shi'a, Qadiani (Ahmadi), barelvi, salafi, deo bandi, barelvi etc etc. Who is going to tell them the true message of Islam. Heck some sects are...