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    العشر الاواخر تمشي و علينا نكن سعيداً

    جزاكي الله خيرا اليست هده من كلمات الدكتور عائض القرني
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    I just reverted 7 minutes ago

    salam aleikom mashallah allahu akbar congratulations brother & welcome to the family of 1.5billion, i'm so happy for u may allah bless u
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    Ramadan kareem

    ramadan mubarak to all our brothers and sisters,May God ease our worship of Him and reward us for it, jazakom allaho khayran
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    I have just taken my shahada now

    mashallah sis welcome to islam i'm very happy for u :hearts::hearts: , may allah bless u and grant u the jannah of firdaws:tti_sister::tti_sister: , now subhanallah u r just like the a baby when he born , allah forgive all ur sins mashallah we r very proud of u sis revert2007 jazaki allaho...
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    Watch Muslims TV from around the globe!

    salam aleikom jazaka allaho kayran ramadan mubarak
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    I Feel Good!!!!!!

    mashallah sis congratulations i'm so happy for u dear sis may allah bless u and grant u the jannah of firdaws ameen
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    !~~!!?WhO iS sHe?!!~~!

    mashallah sis ur poem is very beautiful may allah bless u and grant us all the jannah of firdaws ameen
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    How is your fast going?

    salam aleikom ramadan mubarak my allah accept our fast in this month of fasting alhamdolilah my fast is going good alhamdolilah is very easy i dont even feel thirst lolz may allah bless u all and accept our fast prayer and duaa
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    the best time for dou'a

    jazaka allaho khayran akhi
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    Les croyants sont des freres.

    jazaka allaho khayran frére abou khaled
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    je suis nv içi :)

    salam aleikom bienvenu tous mes soeurs qu'allah nous guide tous vers le droit chemin et nous pardonne tous
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    the hajj and eid

    jazaka allaho khayran for sharing
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    very cute kids pictures

    mashallah nice pictures thank u so much sis jazaki allaho khayran
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    Visitez les malades.

    jazaka allaho khayran oui il faut visiter les malades, je suis une etudiante infirmiere et je fais mon stage à l'hopital y ont des malades qui y ont besoin seulement d'un bon geste ou d'une sourire et on les visitant ils se sentent, puisque le côté psychique joue un rôle important, ou maroc...
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    Iqra إقرا Ahmad Bukhatir Nasheed High Quality أحمد بوخاطر

    :ma::ma::ma::ma: i love it too mashallah nice nasheed jazaka allaho khayran brother