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  • AssalaamuAlaikum
    Calm down akhi. Calm down. Even you are held accountable for your anger and words. Calm down. :) Peace.
    Assalamu alaykum,

    JazakAllahu Khayr for the rep, akhi. But the post will only be good if it helps the one it's intended for and brings him closer to the truth.
    My dear akhi,

    I understand he is not here with an open mind. But what can we do? We can discuss at the most. After that it is HE(SWT) who has to do. I read somewhere, that you can take a horse to a pond to drink water. But to drink water or not, is the choice of the horse, if Allah(SWT) wills. :)
    Assalaamualaikum akhi.

    Be patient on the thread. You might end up eating his head off. :p Just a word of advice from your lil brother. Love you for the sake of Allah(SWT)
    No I never said he was a new member. If you read my post, you'll see that I was talking about the possibility of a new member being on the receiving end of his insults and not a new member as the actual culprit.
    JazakAllah khair for the kind words, Akhi. I changed my password for TTI. As for gmail, I never had a gmail account to begin with, so that shows how much of a liar he was to begin with.

    It's just disgusting for me to see my character being slandered like that in such a filthy manner. I'm just glad that my reputation is well-known on this forum otherwise I shudder to think how a new member would be taking all this.

    BarakAllahu feek again.
    Wa alaikim alsalam wa rahmatu Allah wa brakatuh.

    Jazaka Allah khairan brother, please keep me and my family in your duaa.
    Well.. I really don't know much brother. But I can chip in a few ideas. I thought you had some secret plan that we could execute :p InshaaAllah. I will think about them and get back to you in sometime. Meanwhile if some sprakling idea hits your head, pass it over to me also. You never know, I could add fuel and flame it up ;) By d way, apart from me anybody else voluntereed?
    Asalaam Alaikum yaa me too. What I lack in knowledge I make up for in the willingness to ask dumb questions. Pray for the ummah every time
    Assalaamualaikum bro.
    Saw your post on thread. JUST tell me what I have to do, to make peace in the forum.!! *DESPERATE!!* Its painful to see brothers and sisters fighting. I feel am playing Call OF Duty/Battlefield 3/Counter-Strike :p

    You tried to PM me before (last week, right?) but my inbox was full. Sorry for that. I also wanted to PM about a thread you made but seems like your PM is full too.
    wa alaikum salaam,

    brother...i think u didnt go thru my thread abt my father....he passed away on 4th oct (may Allah forgive him) ameen
    Wa-alaikumus salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu brother,

    Alhamdolillah all is well with me and I pray that you are also well.

    Sorry for the delayed response. Alhamdolillah this Ramadan was extremely busy and it is almost impossible to steal some time for the virtual world.

    May Allah accept all your fasts and prayers and
    good deeds and reward you generously.

    Have a happy and blessed Eid!

    Warmest salams,

    May Allah bring peace and happiness in your heart and of your family, on this Eid and always. : )Ameen summa ameen

    i m also in ur boat bro :)

    i also dnt knw abt marriage :|

    dad's not well and also have financial prbs.

    take care ... wa salaam :)
    Assalamu allaicum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    I hope InshAllah you are well dear brother and your beloved family.

    Jazzak Allah khair for your beautiful remainder. : )

    May Allah give you and your family blessed days of Ramadhan and accept all your duas. Ameen summa ameen

    Assalamu allaiucum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
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