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  • yay! :D
    Thats great:hearts:-
    I'm good to lol
    todays a MONDAY though lol- but yeah- weeks wouldn't be weeks without the starting now would they? :lol:
    yipeeeeee that's the spirited siissss!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D
    btw sis what do you do???a student i assume,what are you studyng:)......erm sorry may be i've already asked:confused:....but tell me anyways:)
    awwww!!!!! whats wrong sis? :(
    Tell me so I can spray water on u and make you happy!
    that was just weird- but did it make u happyz? :lol:
    well life is just like it always know what sharja clicks somthing......we pakis use to enjoy the sharja tournments between ind and pak back in the day....well i think they stopped for sme reason:(:(:(they use to be interesting:)
    Wa Allaicumu Sallam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear sister

    Allhamdullilah me and my familly are well, I am only overocupated with my studies but knowledge is the greatest treasure.

    Jazzak Allah khair for asking dear sister

    I hope you and your familly are also well with Allahs mercy

    Take care:):SMILY252:

    May Allah bless you

    Assalamu alaikum to evryone welcme to my profile hope will be friends May Allah bless ur day Amin!

    Your little sister
    Wa alakum asalam sis!!!!!!:hearts:
    I'm great- excited for friday- no specail reason- i just love fridays :lol:
    How r u?:D
    :lol:nice seeing your reply!!!hope my sis is doing a gr8 job;)yeah i'm from pakistan....and in pakistan atm....jazakallah khiara si you're very kind yourself..
    ILove you:hearts:
    keep me in your pious duas sis.....:)
    Assalamu alaikum to everyone welcome to my profile hope everyone is in the best health and Iman!May Allah bless ur day Amin!

    Your little sister Latifa!
    Alhamdhulillah ...........
    really your exams got over ??
    boring to the core ???
    how was your day today???
    how is life ??
    where do you reside sister ??
    sorry sisi i'm late in replying no wait i'm extremly late in replying......:(:(:(....really really sorry.forgive me PLEEEEZ
    i'm fine are you my sister
    my sister.that's gr8!!!....two nationalities in one...
    me is from pak.....
    and jazakallah kharia for the jumma greetings sisi:)
    take care...
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