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  • Assalmu alaikim dear sister, very happy to hear from you , alhamduliAllah for all his blessings . How are you dear ? I hope you are doing fine.
    Noo, it was a joke. I got it from a meme. :D sorry. Should've put lol at the end. I am stressed and axiety....... :( How are you? really miss, I have lots to tell you :D :hijabi:
    Assalamu alaikim wa rahamatu Allah wa barakatuh dear sister, jazaki Allahu kairan , I feel proud to be your sister and friend may Allah gather us in Jannat AlFirdows.
    Am trying to put some money aside aswell as fighting for my inheritance .When that is done,I will join her and make sure to coordinate between us finishing our studies and living together in the same house, same country!, inshallah.I know it s crazy but i never made easy choices in my life.Even if Obama would put his whole Marines corps against me, i ll bring her home,inshallah.. haha .Am quite picky you would say,well am paying for it.May Allah swt give me more wisdom for such matters.It is going to take some time.I pray this answers your question.

    Pray for me dear Sister.
    Assalamu Aleikum Dear Sister,I preferred to answer to your question here instead of going off topic by talking about myself.Inshallah you won t bother.

    Well ,we both liked each other very much when we met at a friends house, her parents were there as well in vacation,Alhamdulillah.To make a long story short we already had a religious commitment by an Imam when she was here with witnesses and so on and so forth.The civil marriage however had to be postponed due to the fact that we live in separate countries.We are both still studying and working at the same time.It is not easy to manage the long distance for now but she is coming to visit me this winter inshallah!
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