Maryam Zainab
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  • assalamualikum ,how r u doing ??hope evry thing is going great!!
    howz ur ramadan?
    hope to hear frm you soon take care
    may allah bless you sis.

    i hope ur doing well

    haha yaa sure i will give u treat:lol: but if u can come on my country:p
    btw thanx sister

    hows going ur life? n ur study?

    take care a lot
    Masha Allah..... m touched. PLease excuse me for such a late reply sis... was caught up with work. How are u doing sis??? wer r u from??? Hope you are good and your family is always blessed. Allah Hafiz
    Walikumsalam wah rahmahtullah wah bahrahkatu sister

    sis i m not in contact with her long time n i m also worry about her, when i talked to her she was not fine, but now i don't know but inshAllah i hope she will be fine
    Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baraktuhu

    Thank you also my dear sister for your sweet card. :SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:. Mashallah, it is blessings of Allah to have love for each others in our hearts,and show that love on some way. May Allah reword you also sister for remembering me,and I pray Allah loves you always and give you all good on both worlds. ameen.

    take care

    Hugsss and kisses for you my sister. :hijabi:

    I love you too for Allah sake.

    May Allah bless you with all good.

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