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  • as salam aalykum warahamtu-llahi wabarakatuhu
    i hope you are doing well by eeman and health insha Allah.
    I am doing fine, alhamdu li Allah, but as you said and know, continuous alter in eeman. it is killing me from inside.
    Sufyan at-Thawree rahmatu-llahi alayhi, he said, he commited a sin and he was prevented from praying tahajjut for 6months.
    really we should cry blood if we are really concern. I only pray to Allah, that he doesn't put me in sch place or situation that i find it hard to remmeber Him.
    may Allah elevate our status and grant us His mercy
    you say, hows going?
    keep me in your dua, i pray may Allah cure your heart and place His love, the same dua, i need too.
    fee amani-llah,. wassalamun alayka
    As salam 'alaykum warahmatu-llahi wabarakatuhu

    i hope you are at the best state of eeman and health, insha Allah

    brother, i am injured, last wednessday night, i cut my finger, left hand ring finger and got 4 stitches. i cut pretty deep and it was bleeding pretty much. alhamdu li Allah it is fine now, after couple of days they will remove the stitches.

    okay, then again in friday, while going to Jumuah, i got slipped in ice and got a knee-ankle lagment injury. some minor ligaments and tendons are flexed or raptured. there are some lump type clots, alhamdu li Allah i am walking with crutches i can step well but can not move the feet along ankle o knee towards right or left.

    but alhamdu li Allah, brothers are taking much care
    and other than that i am fine, alhamdu li Allah

    keep me in your sincere dua
    barakAllahu feekum
    wassalamun 'alayka
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