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  • Wa alikum asslam wa rahamatullah wa barakatuh

    Alhamdulillah.I'm fine ,thank u for asking,what about you?I hope you are in the best of health and Imaan.
    Salaam :D

    I am doin great as u have hoped for...alhamdulilllahh all with the mercy and kindness of Allaah the most high :D
    I hope the same for u dear sis,
    May the one for whose sake you LOVE me LOVE you dear sis, :)
    x X X x :)
    wasalaam :)
    Assalaamu alaikum ukhti <3

    woow, subhanaAllaaah...I was just viewing the thread "guess who is leaving" and I was lyk.....dang I miss this sister alot hehehe......dropped by to say *salaaam dear sister*
    :shymuslima1: I hope you still remember me :lol:
    :salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:)
    mashallah it's good to know you're doing fine sis!!oh okay,it's just that when i miss you i post something on your wall:confused:
    i'm fine alhumdulillah:)
    no sisi i just visit TTI!! i'll do that inshallah...i only osted like two emails in the previous two months:Di know i'm bad.....
    ppl get angry with me that why i don't gve them my email....i'll do that soon inshallah may today.or i'll do it either today or lazzy yet so busy..//well guess it's just,,,,,,,me:D:D:D
    keep me in you prayers
    take care
    hope you are fine can't tell if you are back yet or not............since you are always acting offline:Di was away last week been missing you sisi.

    if you are still not back then HURRY UP i said been missing you a lot.:(:(:(

    plz keep me in your duas........

    may ALLAH shower you with HIS mercy.ameen
    Asalamu alaikum - i read somewhere that you were aquarious before. you never told me but Alhamdulillah i was able to find you again, just wanted to say salam.
    :wasalam:my sweet sister:)
    jazakallah khiara i'll be telling my cousin about the meaning soon inshallah.

    yeah be back soon.missing you lot sista:)
    i'm fine alhumdulillah and my study load is mounting.i'm just hopin it won't mess my TTI life:p
    let's see what happens.inshallah things will go great;)for everybody.

    may ALLAH keep you under HIS shade you mercy.ameen.

    alhumdulillah it feels so good to see you reply behna.and even better to know you're fine:)............
    yeah studies can pull the life out of you sometime:)
    awwww sis common it's no big deal aslong as i'm able to login here i'll continue posting in your thread.ameen to your duas my sister,and same to youx1000:)
    sis alhumdulillah we know about the poius sahabe summia,may ALLAH be pleased with's just the meaning we don't know:)
    jazakallah khaira for you reply:)
    remember me in you pious duas too:)
    sister i hope you are in good heath and's been so long without having aword with you:)sis i got a cousin who shares your name..........two actually.:pi told then about of then asked me to ask you if you know what your/her name means:Dtell me if you know.coz i promised her.:)

    hope you are doing greatand your studies are okay;)
    missing you a lot sis
    keep me in your duas.:)
    salamu alaikum ukhti,:D

    aaamm :shymuslima1: I accidently deleted ur pm which contained ur email.....
    I was wondering if u can send it again so I cann aamm safe it?:D
    thanks hun,
    Jazaki Allahu Khayra dear sis.

    May Allah bless you too and keep you and your family happy in this year and always. JazakAllah for the reminder for dua for Muslims. Insha Allah I will.
    :lol:sister you're invisible:p:p:p:p:p
    i'm fine're greeting was very nice and the duas wonderful.ameen to them.mashallah your thread is going:)sorry i wasn't able to post a couple of days ago:(.was busy.
    btw sis where you from.just wanting to know my sis a lil better:D:D:D
    I will InshaAllah and I pray that they are accepted from a very weak and sinful slave.

    Fi Amanillah Dearest Sister, and may Allah always remember you for remembering me, on every occasion. It means the world to me. May you be given every happiness and deepest desire of your heart so pure. My duas are with you, the very least you deserve.

    jazakallah khaira ya ukhti.wa iyaki.
    may ALLAH bless you
    with his mercy:)
    and peace:) and may you
    have the highest place in jannah al firdouse.ameen:tti_sister:
    wasalamu alaikum warahamatullah wabarakatuh:D:D:D:D
    I wish you the same sweeetyy:D
    may Allah reward you for remembering me:D
    truely appreciate it!:D:D:D:D:D
    luv u fiAllah
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