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    How To Help Stop The Slaughter Muslims

    salam alaykum Question: What can we do about the slaughter of Muslims in Palestine and around the world? What is our stance concerning the slaughter of Muslims in Palestine and other parts of the world that is happening right now, where houses are being destroyed, farms are being wrecked...
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    Im so afraid of Her

    For ur info if its for ur protection its is sensible and helpful........ u can stay away from her but 1 way or another u mite have to meet her somewhere cause she lives close to u......and what if she starts strangling u? its better to have some security either it b a twig ...
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    My eyes are starting to hurt

    i actually wear baggy pants cause i consider them loose and easy unlike jeans or levis pants....... its not like i type short for( i dint rite 4) fun but cause its quick and the main thing is u get wat(i missed the H intentionally cause even without the H u knew wat it would mean) the word or...
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    Arrested innocent imam ,The media libel ,Please sign the petition

    salam alaykum now i dont know bout this but it actually works i hear.....i mean when a person is sick it is said u read some surah and blow it on him after u read it....thats a sahih hadith......and yes there is a man in pak who does something called Quranic therapy and he has come on tv and...
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    saying salaam when entering masjid

    ive tried searching by typing in google....but nothing came up
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    My eyes are starting to hurt

    salam alaykum dont mind my SPELLINGS IM A PURE TYPO :hearts::hearts::hearts:
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    u jz said wat i was going to say........:SMILY139: :hearts::hearts::hearts:
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    ur bad for derailing off topic......
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    actually who do u think was giving bangladesh with all the literature on *we will support u if u leave pakistan*?.......who was twisting their minds by telling them *ur being treateed like slaves*?.......and lol when bangladesh did break up why did all the indian troops come into bangladesh...
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    # india never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of history. salam alaykum NO OFFENCE against the indian muslims but well the truth is the truth.... yeah it hasnt invaded it jz destroys countries.........1st it was bangladesh and now its balochistan.......u should also c Indias...
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    online prayer timings..

    i still dont get it does that mean dhur finishes at 4.45 when the adhan of asar is?.......or 2.50 when islamicfinder says asar
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    Sincerity of a six years old..

    salam alaykum was that a true story?.....any links bro :hearts::hearts::hearts:
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    watching TV

    salam alaykum who needs tv when u got islambox decorder or visit their web...they have all the islamic channels.....LOL but u still need the tv to plug in the the islambox decorder....but then u can watch online also....... :hearts::hearts::hearts:
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    online prayer timings..

    so islamicfinder is rite then i guess...... but then does that mean if islamicfinder says asar at 2.50 then dhur finishes at 2.50 rather than 4.45 when the adhan is for asar?.....
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    online prayer timings..

    itss the rite time zone....i looked up my area....and 3 matched but 2 of them were different