+2 and -2

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Convert sister....
:salam2: to all!
Here's a new hopefully interesting game. :D

Here's how u play it:

I have started from a number :50

Now if a sister replies she will minus (-2)..so it will be 48.
And if the brother posts next it will be (+2)..so it will be 52.

Same member cannot post 2 times in a row.

member1(sis): -2 =48

member1(sis): -2 =46

That above mentioned example is not to be followed it will be considered cheating.

If the sis make it to 0 they will be the winners.
And if bro's make it to 100 they will be winners,

Remember if a bro will now post next to me it will be +2=52
and if a sis it will be -2=48.

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
i am sister...
and i cannot minus any number..
what should i do :shymuslima1:..
i hope any brother replies, and then ill reply :blackhijab:
Not open for further replies.