A Comparative between Women in different beliefs

Fatima S.Ar

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Women’s Rights in Islam

A comparative ..

FactsWomen have suffered great injustices throughout the ages; they have been deeply wronged, profoundly exploited, despite the fact that they are the mothers, the sisters, the wives, the daughters and the aunties; all of whom are the gentlest of creation and the dearest of humans to our hearts.
I will project to you, dear readers, the injustices women were subjected to in the olden and in modern times, then I will shed the lights on the mercy bestowed by the Lord of the worlds on women, and how He has honored them and elevated their status. So, please stay with me until the end.

Chapters of Shame: It is shamefulthat humanity was not treating women as human beings. All past civilizationsexercised various types of torture, injustice and oppression onwomen.

AncientGreeks described ‘the woman’ as the poisoning tree and described her as being filthmade by Satan. She used to be sold as acommodity.

Romans said she had no soul and, as a sort of torture, theypoured hot oil over her. She used to be dragged by horses until death.Chinese described her as the painful water, which takes away happiness, and that a Chinese has the right to bury his wife alive and, if he dies hisfamily will be entitled to inherit her as part of his legacy.

Indians described her as worsethan death, hell, poison, snakes, and fire. The woman had no right to live afterher husband's death; and they claimed that she should be burned with him.

Persianspermitted the marriage of the unmarriageable women with no exception, and it wasallowed for a Persian to sentence his wife to death!

Jews described heras a curse because she was the reason of seduction; that she was dirty when inmenstruation and they permitted her father to sell her.

In Christianity: The French held a conference in 586 AD to determine if the woman could beconsidered human or not, and whether she had a soul or not. If she had a soul, they asked was it a human’sor an animal’s soul? And if it were a human’s soul, was it at the same level as that of a man’s or at a lowerlevel? They finally decided that she was human, but she wascreated only to serve the man. The English parliament issued a decree during the reign of Henry the 8th, which banned women from reading the New Testament because they were sullied and dirty. Luther, the head of the Protestants (which make up the majority of the American population today) said, “If women tire, or even die; all this doesn’t matter. Let them die during birth, for this is the reason they were created”.

And when the anesthetization was introduced for childbirth in 1847, the church objected to it being used. It claimed that God said, in the holy book, to Eve after committing the sin and eating from the forbidden tree, “With pain shall you give birth”; as if to say, “how could we have mercy on women, when God has decided that she suffers during birth? We then have to help God in his revenge on women !!”
Before Islam, Arabs used to bury the newborn baby girlsalive or throw them into a well in a very brutal manner.

Women's rights in the world's conscience in figures

To exercise injustice over the weakness of women, here is where manhood has been marred. Where is the so-called manhood when tyranny is exercised over women?

Let the figures speak for themselves about the conscience of the civilized world from China to America!

Statistics indicate that one out of every three girls aged 14 years, is subjected to rape; there are half a million American rape cases yearly; 61% of American girls lose their virginity before the age of 12 and studies show that four million American women get beaten each year at the rate of one every 15 seconds.

The Times Magazine published a report on incidents of beatings that American wives encounter, and stated that between 2000 to 4000 wives get beaten to death.

The ‘Women Institute’ in Madrid, Spain, revealed a set of staggering statistics about America alone… Let us have a look:

- In 1980 there were 1,553,000 abortions, 30% of this is for women under twenty years of age, while police reports state that the real figure is three times this number. So, I murmured, “approximately 5 Million!”
- In 1982, 80% of the women who had been married for over 15 years had divorced.
- In 1984, about 8 Million women live alone with their kids without any external support.
- In 1986, 27% of the citizens live off women’s expenses!
- In 1982 there were 65 rape cases for every 10 thousand women, and in 1995, 82,000 rape crimes were committed, of these 80% were committed within the family and amongst friends, while police reports confirm that the real figure is 35 times this number! So, I murmured to myself, “this would make 82000 X 35 = 2,870,000! Note that that was twelve years ago!

- In 1997 according to the associations defending women’s rights, a woman gets raped every 3 seconds, while the official authorities denied this claim saying that this figure is too exaggerated and that the correct figure is one every 6 seconds! So, I murmured, “that would be 10 cases every minute! And if multiplied by 60, the figure would be 600 rape cases in one single hour! And 600X24 = 14,400 rape cases a day, and so on to reach a round figure of 5,184,000 for the whole year! And, if we base our calculation on the associations’ estimated figures, this number would exceed 10 Million rape cases in this jungle!
- In 1997, statistics reported that some 4000 women get killed each year by their husbands or by those whom they live with, 74% of the elderly and poor are women and 85% of those live alone without any support or assistance.
- From 1979 to 1985 Latin American women who migrated to USA, had secret operations operated on them, which turned them barren, without their knowledge!
- From 1980 to1990 there were nearly one million women working in prostitution in USA, and in 1995 the total income from prostitution institutions and their marketing agents reached US$ 2500 Million!

to be continued..

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
In Britain, over the past 15 years, London police alone have received one hundred thousand calls a year from women beaten by their husbands, 79% of Americans beat their wives, and 83% were admitted to hospitals at least once to get treatments following incidents of beating; while one hundred thousand German women are beaten by men annually.

In Spain, in 1990, 93% of Spanish women use contraceptive pills for a period of 15 consecutive years throughout their lives, and in 1990, 130,000 women reported physical assault and beatings by the men they live with whether their husbands or boyfriends.

One lawyer stated that the complaints of violent physical abuse and beatings reached 54,000 in 1997 while the police that confirmed the real figure was ten times that number. So I murmured, “54000 X 10 = 540,000!”

In 1995, one Million women underwent plastic surgery as a result of beating, i.e. an average of 1: 5 women living in Madrid and the surrounding areas.

Moreover, there are daily reports about brutal killings of women at the hands of the men they live with. This annual report is called ‘Women Encyclopedia ‘, published by “the Institute of International of Women Studies “,

headquartered in Madrid, and is recognized worldwide .

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam

In France,there are 2 Million women who get beaten every year, while 60% of the complaints received at night by Paris police are appeals for help from women offended and abused by their husbands. This prompted Michelle Andre, Secretary of State for Human Rights, to say, “Animals sometimes are treated better than women, for if a man beats a dog in the street someone will complain to animals’ welfare society, but if a man beats his wife, no one in France will interfere.”

In China, studies showed that more than a quarter million people commit suicide each year. The bigger shock is that suicide is the cause of death in one third of all death cases among young women. The study also confirms that there are more than 2 million suicide attempts annually, of which about a quarter million succeed.

The Heavenly SanctuaryAllah sent Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH), as mercy to all humanity. Hischaracteristics changed the ugly face of history and shaped a new anunprecedented life for humankind and all its civilizations.

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
Islam came to rule the following, “… And due to them [i.e. the wives] is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable”.

Islam says, "…And live with them in kindness”.

Islam says, "… do not prevent them from remarrying their [former] husbands…”.

Islamsays, “…But give them [a gift of]compensation - the wealthy according to his capability and the poor according to his capability…”

Islamsays, “…Lodge them where you dwell, according to your means…”

Islamsays, “…and do not harm them in order to oppress them…”

Islamsays, "…so, give them their due compensation as an obligation.”

Islamsays, “…and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave (of the inheritance).”

Islamsays, “… and for women is a share of what they have earned…”

Islamsays, "… andgive them from the wealth of Allah which He has given you…”

Islamsays, "…They are clothing [cover] for you and you are clothing [cover] for them…”

Islamsays, "…O my people! These are my daughters; they are purerfor you…"

Islamsays, "… seek no meansagainst them… “

Islamsays, "…It is not lawful for you to inherit the women by compulsion…”

Islamsays, “… and do not make difficulties for them in order to take back part of what you gave them…”

Islamsays, " …then [after that] either keep [her] in an acceptable manner or release [her] with good treatment…”

to be continued

In Sha'a Allah ..

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
Mercy on Earth

The honorable Messenger (PBUH) came to highlight for us the status of women:

- He was once asked,“Who is your most favorite person?” He answered, “Aisha [who was his wife].”

- He used to bring gifts and presents and say,“take this to so andso, she was a friend of Khadija [who was his first wife].”

- He (peace be upon him) is the one who said,“Iurge you to treat women well.”

- He also said,“A believing husband should notharbor hatred to his a believing wife. If she has characters that he hates, he should ignore them and concentrate on her good characters”.

- He also said,“Women and men complement one another in humanity”.

- He also said,"The best of you is hewho treats his family well, and I am the best of you in treating my family".

- Healso said,“It is an obligation on you to clothe them [your wives] and provide for them in kindness”.

- He also said,"The greatest returns from your money [in rewards from Allah], is the dinar you spend on your family".

- He also said,“A righteouswoman is one of the sources of happiness for the son of Adam”.

- In the Prophetic Sunnah (traditions), Aisha (his wife – may Allah be pleased with her) was quoted as having said, “Allah’s apostle and I used to wash from the water in one container”.

- The Prophet (PBUH) also said,"whatever you spend [for the sake of Allah] you will reap the rewards for it, even if it is the morsel that you place in your wife’s mouth”.

- From the biography of the Prophet (PBUH), it was cited that a woman came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said,“O Prophet of Allah, ask Allah to bless me and on my husband” so the Prophet (PBUH) said, “May Allah's peaceand blessings be upon you and your husband”.

There are numerousproofs that Islam is the true liberator of women.To clarifyfurther, I will now explain how woman's rights areprotected and safeguarded in Islam, throughout all the stages of her life, from the cradle to the grave.

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
Verses and Declarations:

1. Islam safeguards the woman's rights as ahelpless fetus in her mother's abdomen. If a mother gets divorced, while pregnant, Islam enjoined on the father to spend on her and support her financially during pregnancy. Allah (SWT) says in the Quran,

" … and if they were pregnant then you should spent on themuntil they deliver their babies"


2. Islam safeguards the woman'srights by ruling out that a baby's mother should not be punished or penalized whilepregnant with him/her, so that the baby does not suffer consequently. In the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), it was narratedthat a Lady from Ghamid came to the Prophet to receive punishment for her sins saying,

“O messenger of Allah purify me from my sins”.
The Prophet replied saying,
“No, not until you have delivered your baby”.

3. Islam safeguards the woman'srights even if she is born out of an illegitimate relationship (this is an equal right whether the child is male or female), so it is forbidden to kill a child inside his/her mother’s womb. The example of the woman from Ghamid above refers, as the prophet had not ordered the pregnancy to be terminated.

4. Islam safeguards the woman'srights if she is killed deliberately or by mistake inside her mother’s womb, by her receiving compensation (blood money) or having the killer penalized. In the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), a reference is made to a woman from Hathli who killed her fellow wife and her unborn baby.

5. Islam safeguards the woman'srights as a suckling infant; Allah (SWT) says in the Quran,

“Mothers shall breast feed their children for two whole years; (that is) for those who wish to complete the suckling.”


6. Islam safeguards the woman'srights as a suckling infant. It was narrated that after theLady from Ghamid delivered her baby, she went to the Prophet and requested theapplication of the penalty on her but the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

"go breastfeed your baby and come back after he has been weaned”.

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
Islam safeguards the woman'srights after she is born, through the provision of clothing and means of living for her:
"… Upon the father is the duty of providing for the mother [and her child] and clothing her according to what is acceptable”

8-Islam safeguarded the woman's rights during the period ofraising and bringing her up, which lasts a number of years. Islam makes it incumbent on the father to provide for her during this period, which is a natural extensionto providing for children in general.

9. Islam safeguards the woman'srights to inheritance throughout her life, from early to old age. Allah(SWT) says in the Quran,
“… and if there be women more than two, then theirs is two-thirdsof the inheritance, and if there be one ( only ) then the half "
10.Islam protects the woman's right in choosing a suitable husband, where she hasthe right to accept andconsent (in spoken words) to the marriage if she had been married previously. TheProphet (Peace be upon him) said,
"A woman who had been married previously shall be married only after her expressed order has been obtained…”

11. Islam protects the woman's right when sheweds if she has never been married before. The prophet (Peace be upon him) said,
" … and a virgin shall be married only after her consent is obtained ".

12. Islam protects the woman's right in marriage, and makes it incumbent upon her husband to give her a dowry. Allah (SWT)says "… So for whatever you enjoy [of marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation.”

13. Islam protects the woman's right to keep her dowry after divorce. The husband has no right to claim any part of the dowry in exchange for granting divorce unless the wife gives up her right to it in order to obtain her freedom. Allah (SWT) says:
“… And it is not lawful for you to take anything of what you have given them unless both fear that they will not be able to keep [within] the limits of Allah.”


14. Islam protects the woman's rights to ownership and disposition of property, her rights to enter into sales and purchase contracts, to rent and to enter into partnerships. It protects her rights to lend and mortgage, to leave a will, an endowment or a charity.

15. Islam protects the woman's rights to request the annulment of the marriage contract when hidden faults in her husband’s character become apparent. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“There shall be no harming, nor reciprocal harming”.

16. Islam protects the woman's rights to honor her dignity and prohibits using her as an object of lustful enjoyment even within an official marriage contract. Islam has therefore prohibited the “mut'ah marriage”, a fixed-term (temporary) marriage, during which the woman is used solely for sexual enjoyment, and then divorced after the lapse of that period. Our honorable Prophet has prohibited that until the Day of Judgment

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam

17. Islam protects the woman's rights to leave a will after her death. Allah (SWT) says, “… of what your wives leave… after any bequest they [may have] made or a debt”.

18. Islam protects the woman's rights when divorced. Allah (SWT) says, “… for divorced women a provision in kindness: aduty for those who guard (against evil)”.

19. Islam protects the woman's rights when she is pregnant, a right she shares with the unborn fetus. Allah (SWT) says: “ … and if they were pregnant then you should spend on themuntil they deliver their babies…"

20. Islam protects the woman's rights to ****ter and accommodation in the case of revocable divorce. Allah (SWT) says, “…Lodge them where you dwell, according to your means…”

21. Islam protects the woman's rights by regulating the rules of divorce. In this regards she cannot be divorced unless in a state of purity [not menstruating] and during a period where no sexual intercourse has taken place, to ensure that there is no pregnancy. This is important to establish the nature of her prescribed waiting period, which Allah has fixed for women meant to be divorced ('Iddah). Allah (SWT) says: “ … divorce them for [the commencement of] their waiting period and keep count of the waiting period…”

22. Islam protects the woman's rights to a gift if she is divorced before the consummation of marriage or the nomination of her dowry, as a gesture of solace and consolation to her. Allah (SWT) says, “There is no blame upon you if you divorce women you have not touched, nor specified for them an obligation. But give them [a gift of] compensation - the wealthy according to his capability and the poor according to his capability…”

23. Islam protects the woman's rights in the case of divorce after the nomination of her dowry but before the consummation of marriage, to take half the dowry unless she forgoes her right to it. Allah (SWT) says, “And if you divorce them before you have touched them and you have already specified for them an obligation, then [give] half of what you specified - unless they (the women) forgo the right to it…”

24. Islam protects the woman's rights to choose to return to her husband who divorced her once or twice after the end of her prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah) with a new marriage contract. Islam prohibits preventing her from doing so if there is an agreement between the two parties. Allah (SWT) says, “… do not prevent them from marrying their [former] husbands, if they mutually agree on equitable terms”.

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam

25. Islam protects the woman's rights to have custody over her children unless she remarries. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “You have more right over him unless you [re] marry”.

26. Islam protects the woman's rights by enforcing the conditions of the prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah) so that her pregnancy can be determined and if so, her rights can be maintained. Allah (SWT) says, “Divorced women remain in waiting [i.e. do not remarry] for three periods.”

27. Islam protects the woman's rights by enforcing the system of counting the prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah) from beginning to end so she does not have to wait unnecessarily, and consequently be prevented from remarrying due to lack of information about the timing. Allah (SWT) says: “ … and keep count of the waiting period…”

28. Islam protects the woman's rights to accommodation during the prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah) and ordains it prohibited to drive her out of her home. Allah (SWT) says: “ … do not turn them out of their houses…”

29. Islam protects the woman's rights in the case of divorce before the consummation of marriage. In this case her prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah) is not counted. Allah (SWT) says: “ … O you who have believed, when you marry believing women and then divorce them before you have touched them [i.e. consummated the marriage], then there is not for you any waiting period to count concerning them..”

30. Islam protects the woman's rights to maintenance during her prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah) after a revocable divorce.

31. Islam protects the woman's rights by prohibiting tampering with the prescribed waiting period (‘Iddah); meaning that a husband might divorce his wife up until just before the end of her ‘Iddah then returns her; then repeats that to prolong the divorce proceedings. Allah (SWT) manifests that this is committing injustice to oneself. Allah (SWT) says, “…and do not keep them, intending harm, to transgress [against them]. And whoever does that has certainly wronged himself…”

32. Islam protects the woman's rights from the moral and sensory perspective and makes it prohibited on her husband to upset or offend her during her ‘Iddah period. Allah (SWT) says, “…and do not harm them in order to oppress them…”

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam

33. Islam protects the woman's rights as a widow, and makes her entitled to inherit from her husband’s legacy. Allah(SWT) says, “…And for them [i.e. the wives] is one fourth if you leave no child. But if you leave a child then for them is an eighth of what you leave…”

34. Islam protects the woman's rights as a widow when her husband dies before consummating the marriage or nominating a dowry for her, by allocating a dowry given to other women of similar status, and giving her the right to inheritance, as was ordained by the Prophet (peace be upon him) to Burou’ bint Washiq Al-Ashja’eiah.

35. Islam protects the woman's rights as a breast-feeding mother by allocating wages for her, a right she shares with the breast-fed child. Allah (SWT) says, “…And if they breastfeed for you, then give them their payment…”

36. Islam protects the woman's rights by honoring her feelings towards her baby during the breast-feeding period. Allah (SWT) prohibited fathers from taking babies away from their mothers after divorce to be breast-fed by strangers, to cause them grief and sadness. Allah (SWT) says, “… no mother should be harmed through her child…”

37. Islam protects the woman's rights by giving her the freedom to choose whether to breast feed her baby after divorce or not, if there is a discord between the two parties. Allah (SWT) says, “ … but if you are in discord, then let some other woman breast feed for him (the father of the child)”

38. Islam protects the woman's rights during her menses by forbidding sexual intercourse with her, due to the harm it causes her and guarding against her feeling of repulsion. Allah (SWT) says, “ …keep away from wives during menstruation…”

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam

39. Islam protects the woman's rights during her menses by allowing the act of loving-making, fondling and foreplay without the actual intercourse. This is a proof that the aim is not to avoid contact with women in this period but rather to avoid intercourse due to the harm it causes. Aisha (RAA) [the Prophet’s wife] narrated, “During the menses, the Prophet used to order me to put on an Izar (dress worn below the waist) and used to fondle me”.

40. Islam protects the woman's rights to dignity and honor during her menses. There are examples in the way the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to treat his wives during this period to support this. Aisha (RAA) narrated that, “we [the Prophet and I] used to drink from the same cup; he would put his mouth on the same spot I drank from and would finish my drink when I was in menses”.
She also narrated, “While in menses, I used to comb the hair of Allah's Apostle” and “The Prophet used to lean on my lap and recite the Quran while I was in menses” and “we would sleep together in one cloth while I was in menses”.

41. Islam protects the woman's rights by prohibiting having anal intercourse with her, as this is considered unjust and wasteful of her rights.

42. Islam protects the woman's rights against incriminating her of committing acts of fornication without the testimony of four witnesses. Allah (SWT) says in the Quran, “Those who commit immorality [i.e. unlawful sexual intercourse] of your women – bring against them four witnesses from among you.”

43. Islam protects the woman's rights by punishing whoever incriminates her of committing fornication, without proof, with lashing. Allah (SWT) says, “And those who accuse chaste women and then do not produce four witnesses – lash them with eighty lashes..”

44. Islam protects the woman's rights by observing a just penal system, which ordains an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life etc unless she forgives or accepts blood money. Allah (SWT) says, “We ordained therein for them, a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth and for wounds a legal retribution”.