:bismillah: assalamualaykum brother and sister this is a peom aboutA DIALOGUE WITH SATAN!! by Sheikh: Aa’ed Al Karny here it go

Deep at night, I had this dialogue with Satan. Shortly, I heard the Fajr prayer call. I wanted to go to the mosque.
  • He said: “The night is still long, so take a nap.”
  • I said: “I’m afraid I’ll miss my obligatory prayer!”
  • He said: “There is much time to go ”
  • I said: “I’m afraid I’ll miss praying in congregation.”
  • He said: “Don’t be too harsh on yourself in worship.”
Then, I didn’t wake up until the sun had already risen.

  • He whispered to me again saying: “Don’t feel sorry for what you have missed. The day is still full of many other chances.”
As soon as I started mentioning Allah, he brought to my mind all kinds of thoughts.
  • I said: “You are diverting me from making Duaa’.”
  • He said: “Just delay it until the night.” Shortly, I intended to repent.
  • He said: “Enjoy your young age before it comes to an end”!
  • I said: “I’m too afraid of death.”
  • He said: “But your life will not end now.”
I started to memorize Qor’an
  • He said: “Entertain yourself with songs.”
  • I said: “But it’s an unlawful thing to do.”
  • He said: “Scholars differed on that matter
  • I said: “The evidences from the Prophet’s sayings (peace be upon him) are with me”
  • He said: “But you know their sources are weak!”
A beautiful lady passed by, so I lowered my gaze.
  • He said: “What’s wrong? It’s just a gaze”!
  • I said: “A gaze puts me in a dangerous place.”
  • He said: “It’s lawful to contemplate in grace.”
I went to the Kaaba (The Ancient House of Allah). There he was with me on the way.
  • He said: “What’s the reason behind this trip?”
  • I said: “To make ‘Umrah’.”
  • He said: “You have risked dangers (on your travel) to do this Umra.
    Don’t you know that good deeds have plenty of other doors?!!”
  • I said: “But my life needs a change for the better”
  • He said: “Don’t you know that you can’t enter Paradise through your deeds?
I went to give advice to people.
  • He said: ”Don’t put yourself in an embaressing situation.
  • I said: “But, my only aim is to benefit others.”
  • He said: “That’s a trap of self-admiration, and it is indeed the head of corruption.”
  • I said: “Tell me your opinion about some people.”
  • He said: “ I can answer you of the private, as well as the general.”
  • I said: “Ahmed Ibn Hanbal?”
  • He said: “His calling to follow Quraan and Sunnah was killing me.”
  • I said: “Ibn Taymeyah?”
  • He said: “His words hit my head like a daily beating.”
  • I said: “Al-Bukhari?”
  • He said: “I can even burn my house with his book.”
  • I said: “Al-Haggag?”
  • He said: “I wish 1000 of men are like him. His way is cure and happiness to my colleagues of Satans.”
  • I said: “Pharoah?”
  • He said: “Oh, to him victory and support we owe.”
  • I said: “Saladin, the Hero of the battle of “Hetteen”?”
  • He said: “Let us not talk of him…he brought humiliation to my sons, and buried our heads in mud.”
  • I said: “Mohamed Ibn Abdul Wahab?”
  • He said: “His messages were like the heavenly fiery stars that were burning my heart”
  • I said: “Abu Jahl?”
  • He said: “The best kinship and brothers we are.”
  • I said: “Abu Lahab?”
  • He said: “We are together in every step forever.”
  • I said: “Lenin?”
  • He said: “Bounded by me, with Stalin on fire.”
  • I said: “Nude Magazines?”
  • He said: “Are my holy books.”
  • I said: “Satellites?”
  • He said: “Make people diabolical.”
  • I said: “Coffee Shops?”
  • He said: “Welcome everyone who is diverted from Allah and the right way.”
  • I said: “What is your duaa (athkaar)?”
  • He said: “Songs.”
  • I said: “What is your job?”
  • He said: “ False Hopes.”
  • I said: “What do you think about the Markets?”
  • He said: “Clubs where my friends meet.”
  • I said: “What do you think of the Socialist party?”
  • He said: “It is with which I have shared all my belongings, to whom I taught all my thoughts, intentions and prayers.”
  • I said: “How do you misguide people?”
  • He said: “By desires, doubts, distracting amusements, hopes and songs.”
  • I said: “How do you misguide women?”
  • He said: “I tempt them towards showing off their beauty, and favoring the prohibited over the lawful.
  • I said: “How do you misguide the Scholars?”
  • He said: “By paving the way for them to admiration and showing off, and by planting envy and pride in their hearts.”
  • I said: “How do you misguide people as general?”
  • He said: “Through back-biting, tale-fabrication, wasting their times in things of no value and in useless cheap conversations.”
  • I said: “How do you misguide merchants?”
  • He said: “By tempting them to deal with bribery, making them hate paying charity and by making spendthriftness beloved.”
  • I said: “How do you misguide young people?”
  • He said: “By making them fall in the trap of love, reckless in following Allah’s orders and committing the prohibited.”
  • I said: “What do you think of “Israel”, the Jewish state?”
  • He said: “Oh, don’t try to backbite and speak ill of my beloved home country, the most dear to my heart.”
  • I said: “What do you think of Abu Nawwas?”
  • He said: “Such a respectful character. His poems really inspired me.”
  • I said: “And “modernity”?”
  • He said: “The inheritors of our satanic knowledge.”
  • I said: “Secularity?”
  • He said: “That’s my belief, and its believers are the cheating magicians and creators of false hopes. We all bear same names.”
  • I said: “What do you think of Washington?”
  • He said: “The state of my beloved ones and the base for my army. Indeed it is my nation.”
  • I said: “What do you think of those people who call to the word of Allah?”
  • He said: “They are torturing me! They inflict a lot of pain and misery on me. They made me an old man with gray hair! They destroy all what I build! They make noise when I speak, read when I sing, and seek refuge from me when I show up.”
  • I said: “What do you say about newspapers?”
  • He said: “Means for wasting people’s time, especially that of the elite, and means for stealing money.”
  • I said: “What do you think of the BBC?”
  • He said: “It’s my weapon. Through it I put the poison in the honey, ignite wars between Arabs & the other nations and flatter both the oppressor and oppressed.”
  • I said: “What did you do with the Crow?”
  • He said: “I made him kill his brother and bury him under earth till he disappeared.”
  • I said: “What did you do with Karoon?”
  • He said: “I whispered to him: You son of the old man. Save the treasuries to win. You are one of the greatest men.”
  • I said: “What did you say to Pharoah?”
  • He said: “I told him: You are the greatest one in the palace. To win say: “Isn’t it me who possess the power over Egypt?”.”
  • I said: “What did you say to the one who drinks wine?”
  • He said: “I told him you should drink this grape’s juice. It is the answer to all your problems. It wipes out your troubles. And don’t worry, you know the way to repentance and its doors are always opened for you.”
  • I said: “What kills you?”
  • He said: “Reading the verses of “Al Kursy” (the Chair). It prevents me from breathing and makes me feel I’m in an eternal prison, in a night full of misery.”
  • I said: “Who are the most beloved people to you?”
  • He said: “Singers, poets that aim at misguiding people, sins doers, and every cunning person who goes astray.”
  • I said: “Who is the most hateful person to you?”
  • He said: “Mosque-goers, everyone who kneels and prostrates to Allah, every pious and sincere worshipper, and every fighter in the cause of Allah.”
  • I said: “I hereby seek refuge in Allah from you.”
The moment I said so, he disappeared as though melting into the sand - and this is the liar’s end.

Source: Makamat Al Karny



Islam is Perfect

In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious Most Beneficent and Most Compasionate.

MashAllah nice poem - you have put the points across well.

Remember brothers and sisters SATAN (Iblis) is Man's greatest enemy he has lost all hope and he has basically dedicated his hole life, right up to the day of Judgemnet to lead us to the HELL fire.

We must be on guard all the time 24/7 and think to ourself am i following Satan if i am im going straight to the Hell Fire, so brothers and sisters be on guard never follow your desires because that will also take you to the Hell Fire and Never ever Listen to Whispers of Satan (iblis), because he is the chief Deciever and a lier, makes false promises, hopes etc.

My beloved brothers and sisters Follow the Quran and Sunnah, then we will be successful in this life and the hereafter. Follow The Quran and Sunnah and repent make tawba all the time, one dosent know when he or she will die. women do taleem in your houses and make them into masjids, talk about the greatness of ALLAH, read hadiths and make the islamic environment and Allahs Mercy and rahmat will decendd on your house.

Pray namaz - prostrate to Almighty Allah and inshAllah you will attain Jannat/paradice.

Read, contemplate over the meanaing of the quran and you will be successful as it is our guidance to success.

Brothers only propergate and give Dawah all the time to muslims and Non-Muslims regarding islam and the Kalima, do the job of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (saaw) may the peace of Almighty Allah be on him), his family, companions and all those that follow his way.


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Salams, MashaAllah.. I was nearly convinced it was I that was having the conversation with the shaytan, it seemed real.

Write more please.