A new painting


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I have made a new painting.
On the background are 3 crescent moons ( half-moons).
And then there is an Tugra, written with bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

Meanings of the symbols:
One of The Ottoman Empire flags was 3 crescent moons (half-moons) .
Tugra an Ottoman calligraphed signature.

I hope you guys will like the painting.
Insha'Allah i will make more painting and drawings.

I also have a instagram, ismaiil52. My account is public, you don't need an account to watch my stuff, i post paintings and drawings there also.
I have a few painting which i have to finish, but if you have suggestions for an painting or drawing, i will try to make them.

Take care of yourselfs,



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Walaykumsalam, that is some good talent there ^_^ Are you using water paint on canvas?
Thank you for your kind comment sister:). I use acrylic paint, it's thick. I just bought the paint, not knowing what kind of paint it was. I am new to painting, a newbie :). it's been a couple of months. i think maybe about a couple of years, i think my skills will improve.

I will try to make more paintings and drawings.