A request from a father


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakatahu
I have received this mail from a friend

My daughter Sana , 26 years old mother of two (1 ½ year old son and 3 ½ month daughter) is battling for life at Aga Khan University Hospital From last 2 ½ months. She is suffering from 4th stage cancer. The doctors have given us all hopes that she will recover InshALLAH but Then I have trust in ALLAH and in the power of Dua. Therefore as a helpless father, I beg all of you to pray for my daughter, please include her as a part of each and every Dua of yours...

Please pray to ALLAH that He should give her body the strength to respond to the Medication, that He should somehow miraculously heal her of this disease and InshaALLAH grant her a healthy and long life (AMEEN)
Please, please pass this message on to as many brothers and sisters as you can. If even ten percent of you would remember to pray for my daughter, it would mean a lot for us. Your Duas and Allah's mercy is our ONLY hope. JazaakALLAH

ALLAH aap sab ko apni amaan mein rakhay.

Please Please apni Duaoo'n mein Yaad Rakhiyiaga


Daughter of Adam
Asalamalaikum wah rahmahtullah wah bahkrtu
i can't stop crying to saw this letter. it's very painful
May Allah give her Shifa Ameen
plz everyone pray for Sana
n i wiil faword to all my frnds inshAllah


Assalaam walaikum,

Insha'Allah, Allah will give me the remebrance to honor this. Insha'Allah, I will make dua from the bottom of my being.

Seeking Allah's Mercy

Qul HuwaAllahu Ahud!
:salam2:wa rhamtullahi wa barakatuhu!

may ALLAH give our sister sana shifa and ease the pain of her parents!!

i will pray for her inshallah!!

may ALLAH give you ajar for this too akhi!!


Slave of Allah (swt)
aslam o alaikum

thx for sharing ansari
May Allah (swt) bless her with health and give her strength to help her daughters grow old with her - ameen

naz haider

Junior Member
Assalam Alaikum, Brother in islam.
May Allah grant shifa to your daughter. I really hope that her kids live and love their mother and your daughter enjoys a blissfull life with your grandkids. Insha Allah.
Do keep us posted about her recovery.
Allah bless you and your family. Fi Aman Alaah


Your Sister In Islam
Ya Allah

Ya Allah, please give this woman the strenght to cope with these medications. Let her and every muslim who is suffering from this horrible disease, recover. Let her see her children and grand-children (insha Allah) grow up, and see them healthy. May she and every muslim stand strong, ya rab. (shafiha o shafi jamee3 el muslimeen, fi dunya wa fil akhira).