analycting thinking causes religious disbeleif?


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Recently in the university of british columbia scientists found out that analyctic thinking causes religious disbeleif. They say this because apparently those who follow a religion just go with their gut but those who apparently analyse the tenets of a faith will disbeleive. But what is our response to this as muslims?


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Not true according to the Maturidi creed. The unguided mind of a person can find Allah. Unfortunately there are so many influences today that it becomes hard for a person to think objectively. Their disbelief comes from other factors.

How was this experiment carried out? A poorly conducted experiment can be very misleading. How were they able to prove causation? Who were their subjects?

Um Ibrahim

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They just always come out with weird studies that don't really mean much. In Islam we are encouraged actually to think about and ponder the creations of Allah. How many times does Allah ask us through the Quran to think, contemplate and ponder on His signs and creations? Too many to count! So thinking actually leads to more faith for those who do really think and are grateful:)


Many many people, Believers, have spiritual breakdowns in life. It is temporary for some. It is a stumbling block. In pursuit of a religious life sometimes, and it is normal, we hit what is best termed a dry well. You go along and you practice as you have known. And it just doesn't work. You pray, you make dua, you give zakat, you do good deeds and you feel as if you are dead tired, people irritate you to no end, you go through the motions; you feel alone and despondent.

You wander into the desert. You contemplate, you drive yourself crazy. All the knowledge you have is of no importance. You are so alone. And that is a good thing. The Prophet, swas, stated that Allah, swt, does not make His beloved suffer but places him under adversities.

It is a time to change and yield to the decree of Allah, swt. Not easy, not easy.

We are given the example of the Prophet Ibrahim. Wow...did he contemplate. Did he analyze. When given the directive for the scarifice, he, must have had choices to make. Was that not the prime example for us.

At any point in life we are given two choices. We are impatient by nature. When we are seeking Allah swt we get impatient. We want it and we want it all, now.

Allah,swt, tells us in the Quran we come closer to Him, swt, in slow stages. We could not handle anything else. A dry well is a part of the journey.

Hope this makes sense. You just keep on keeping on...when the blessings come as it is with Allah, swt, you ask for a raindrop and He, swt, gives you an ocean.


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Religious or spiritual beliefs are based on an individuals experiences in his/her life and depend on the series of events taking place in ones life. This experiment is an approximation and not scientific fact. Because it does not take into account the personal/emotional circumstances of the individuals during the experiment which may change over time which may change based on past events and knowledge. This experiment can only be termed as an observation and not scientific fact.


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Jazakallah for all the replies . I was soo confused when I rwad th article . This was my only place to turn to . MAY Allah spare all of you from his punishment and allow yiur entrance into jannatul firdaus. Ameen


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Everything in Islam (religion) is rational and scientific too but it's difficult to figure out as a creation as we're. And it is depends on person what he prefer about analytical process.

we are unable to figure out everything with our limitations. And it's remind us to our creator.