Asalamualikum warahmatullah!


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im a new member here, so far so good, the forum looks great! i am a born muslim but have been on the wrong path for quite a while. since college i've found allah (swt) and hope he keeps me in the straight path. inshallah i can learn more about my deen with the help of brothers and sisters in this forum.


Omar (ex Andrey)

Walleykum Assalam!!! Let this site be insha Allah of a great benefit to you!!!


P.S.: It would be great to listen to your story - how did u come back to Islam & why did U make this rightful choice?

musliminah 05

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Good to hear you have found the right path again with Allahs help Inshallah you will start to realise what a wounderful religion Islam is we are soooo lucky Allhamdolilla to have Islam............
Welcome to TTI!!!!!!!!