Ayat 114, Surat Hud.

Abu Fauzi

Junior Member
As-Salaam alaikum,

Ayat 114 of Surat Hud of the Holy Qur'an (11:114) reads:--

"Innal Hasanati Yuzhibbas-Sayyi'at.... Indeed, the good acts remove sins".

So, goodness takes out sins, so that when you say: 'ASTAGHFIRULLAH' it takes away your sin and for every hasanat (good action), Allah Ta'ala gives you/us 10 and for every sin, He gives only one (negative). And when you say ASTAGHFIRULLAH ( I seek Allah's Forgiveness), you get 10 hasanat.

Allah, Glorified be His Name, makes the heart of the sincere person to always make ISTIGHFAR... to always say: ALHAMDULILLAH, SHUKRAN-LILLAH... to regularly be reciting the 4 phrases Allah Loves: SUBHANALLAH; WALHAMDULILLAH; WALAILAHA ILLALLAH; WALLAHU AKBAR. With that, our hearts get rejuvenated, and ready to receive Allah's Light and Blessings.