Ayat 16, Surat Qaf Explained.

Abu Fauzi

Junior Member
As-Salaam alaikum,
Ayat/verse 16 of Surat Qaf of the Holy Qur'an (50:16) reads:--
".. We are nearer to (man) than
his jugular vein".
The jugular vein is the big trunk vein, one on each side of the neck, which brings the blood back from our head to the heart. The 2 jugular veins correspond to the 2 carotid arteries which carry blood from the head to the heart.
As the blood-stream is the vehicle of life and consciousness, the phrase "nearer than the jugular vein" implies that Allah Ta'ala knows more truly the innermost state of our feelings and consciousness than does our ego.
So, we must always turn and/or concentrate our consciousness towards Allah and His Commands. Even though we msy be full of internal chatter and gossip, lost in the crowd of state, filled with insatiable wants, there is always the spark of new life from the One "who is closer to (man) than his jugular vein".