Ayat 58, Surat Ya-Sin Expained.

Abu Fauzi

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As-Salaam alaikum,
"Peace! a word (of salutation) from a Lord Most Merciful." (36:58)

This will be said to the companions of the Garden of Bliss (Jannah). About this Noble ayat, Imam An-Nisa'i mentioned a hadith - Qudsi:--
"In the Hereafter, the Al-Mighty Allah will say to the Angels 'where are My faithful worshippers, those who had firm conviction in the unseen?' then, they (the pious) will come forward, their faces are bright like the full moon, they will ride horses of light, adorned with jewels. They will fly over the heads of others until they stand by the Divine Throne.
Then Allah will say to them :--
"Peace (Salaam) upon My faithful believers. Verily I have chosen you and purified you, enter Paradise without judgement (Hisab), there is no grief nor fear upon you today, then they will cross the Siraat bridge like a lightning while others are standing, terrified and waiting trial.."