Black magic in dreams


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Assalamualaikum, I'm asking this on behalf of a friend. This is going to be long. She saw a dream that really bothered her and wants to know if it can have anything to do with reality. In her dream, she was in a house, in the dream it was her house but in reality it looked nothing like her house. Strangely, her house was somehow connected to this other house where some kind of celebration was going on. People were dressed in fancy clothes, the place was decorated but everyone just stood there staring into her house. Just standing still and staring into her house and nothing else. She was watching them through her window, and soon enough she notices she's bleeding. But it was just one simple injury, it was like someone made multiple cut outs from her skin in an odd fashion. She was all alone. She runs to her mother and inside the dream they came to the conclusion that it must be black magic because her cousin was found in a similar state inside the dream and she didn't see anyone doing this to ber either. And there were other people inside the house who claimed to be her family but she had never met them before.
She has recently started praying again. She was born into a Muslim family but has very recently started praying and is trying really hard to get back into it. And for a few days she's been really ill, so much so that she had to stop going to work and of course that is causing a rift in her trying to get back to praying as well. What should be done in a situation like this? She has no access to a religious healer.