Daily supplication : Supplication When leaving the home & Upon entering the home



Respected sisters and brothers :
You know worshiping ALLAH dose not restricted to praying and fasting , but it extends to every action done by muslim , day and night , so do not wonder if I told that you are obeying ALLAH while sleeping if you just sleep following qur'an and sunnah .
So iam honored to introduce you these collection of day & night supplications .and may ALLAH well reward the one who translated it to English .(unknown to me )

. When leaving the home


بِسْمِ اللهِ ، تَوَكَّلْـتُ عَلى اللهِ وَلا حَوْلَ وَلا قُـوَّةَ إِلاّ بِالله
(ابو داوود والترمذي) .

‘In the name of Allah, I place my trust in Allah, and there is no might nor power except with Allah.’
(abu dawood , termithy)


اللّهُـمَّ إِنِّـي أَعـوذُ بِكَ أَنْ أَضِـلَّ أَوْ أُضَـل ، أَوْ أَزِلَّ أَوْ أُزَل ، أَوْ أَظْلِـمَ أَوْ أَُظْلَـم ، أَوْ أَجْهَلَ أَوْ يُـجْهَلَ عَلَـيّ
(اهل السنن) .

‘O Allah, I take refuge with You lest I should stray or be led astray, or slip or be tripped, or oppress or be oppressed, or behave foolishly or be treated foolishly.’
slip: i.e. to commit a sin unintentionally
( abu dawood , ibn majah , termithy, adarami ,annsa'I)

Upon entering the home

بِسْـمِ اللهِ وَلَجْنـا، وَبِسْـمِ اللهِ خَـرَجْنـا، وَعَلـى رَبِّنـا تَوَكّلْـنا
( ابو داوود) .

‘In the name of Allah we enter and in the name of Allah we leave, and upon our Lord we place our trust.’
(abu dawood