Difference between public apostasy and or private apostasy ?


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As Salamu Alaykum my question is I heard in Islam for Muslims that there is a difference between public apostasy and or private apostasy my question is if someone can leave Islam in private like they can stop praying at home fasting or stop going to a Mosque or a Masjid I have heard Muslims say this I posted a video below but my question is i heard in a Islamic State in a Caliphate under a Caliph that Muslims must go to a Masjid or they wil be punished by the State or lashed or even killed or jailed if they fail to go or have no excuse for not going my question is would Police spy or knock on people's homes making sure they go to Jummah on Fridays I thought Spying was Haram not Halal thank you for you're time ?

Capital Punishments in Islam - Misconceptions - Yusuf Estes.Part 16.
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Uploaded on Oct 30, 2011
Capital Punishments in Islam - Misconceptions.Part 16. by Sheikh Yusuf Estes on Huda Tv.

A Series of Programmes on Huda tv which removes and answers the misconceptions and false allegations raised against Islam.
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