Do you love your mum or dad the best?


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I love them both very much, however I must say I love my mom more if Im being honest, she's never given up on me and always stood by me when no else has so I will have uncondintional undying love for my mother fo real, and it' seems alota people here feel the same way about their mothers, it's good to see appreciation for our mothers! and fathers too.


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im so jealous of u all have such nice mother and father.
for me acturly no one really care about me they do talk only.
they just want me go out earn money for the house only. have money the love u no money don't really care. but i still love them but not really much. i never have a good childhood.
since i know my husband i feel happy but now not really. because of me many things did. all is my fort.

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Nice question..... i will have to say my MUM i think thats because i dont really know my dad but i still think that even if i did i will love my mum the most. :SMILY252:

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i love my mummy .she died 3 years ago ,i miss her a lot ,her absence in my life has starved me for love that i never knew may her sole rest in peace.offcourse both r special but i love my mummy the most.


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I love my mother without a second thought she raised me and did her best, but I'd have to say I love my father the best.


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Salamo Aleykom. I love them both, but I love my mother most because she have always been by my side. And because she was the one who carried me for 9 months, she was the one who comfort me when I was sad or if I was ill.

The prophet(SAAS) got the question who do you like the most? He answered my mother. And then? My mother. And then? My mother. And then did he say my father.

So the mother is very appreciated in Islam alhamdolilah.


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assalamu alaykum,

My mother, for she is the best Muslim woman I know. I am very proud of her, she loves Islam so much and is dedicated to it. If she is not working at home, then she is studying or teaching or she is calling various scholars and asking questions.

To illustrate something, one funny thing that happened when we were in UK, a Mosque had decided to do the Eid on a day in cooperation with a Sufi mosque who do a lot of shirk and bidah. So, she called the Imam and asked how he could do this! He put the phone down on her, because he could not give an answer.

She is a brave woman who stood upto the Israeli soldiers and had much sabr in Falastin.. and managed to pray in Masjid al Aqsa after we were kept waiting for 7 hours during Ramadhan.

When we got to al Quds, she had persuaded the Imam and gate keepers of Masjid Aqsa let her into the main part of al Aqsa. It is an area where only men are allowed to pray these days. This was after they had refused, but one person you can not refuse is my mother when she has her evidences!

So, alhamdulillah, she prayed wherever she wanted. They cleared space for her and she prayed there the sunnah prayers. . For she knew that in the olden days that was the place that the great Muslim women would pray. ( these days women are assigned into a place far from the main hall).

And unfortunately, there is much bidah and supersticious things that the Muslims do in Masjid al Aqsa, such as the peolpe who go to the Dome of the ROck and touch the rock and rub their hands and clothes on it for help, astaghfirullah.

Allah help the Muslims! Amin.

She is really an inspiration for the entire family and she gives da'wah to everyone she meets.

When I was younger, I had wanted to be a doctor and I was studying for that. Unlike 99% of other parents, she told me NO. She said there were enough doctors and then she quoted Ayah from Quran, Hadith and also the sayings of some of the scholars, to explain how what is really needed is for Muslims to be learning Islam as much as they can and this is the only way for our success. - If someone wants to be a doctor, fine for them, but that for me, she wanted me to have enough free time and no stress to be able to study Islam properly and one day make hijrah. Alhamdulillah.

My father is Islamic too, he is a great and kind man, :p but Mother is the best. May Allah preserve her.

Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah a lot that my family loves Islam very much.


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Assalamu Alleicoumu dear brothers and sisters.

For me my parents are the best Muslims and the best persones on the world,and I love them so much becasue they are my beloved parents and they rasied me in lsamic manners and etics Mashallah,they gave me great eduacion,knowlodge,thier endless love,beautiful and blseesing life but waht is the most importante is that that I am prouud Muslima thanks to them and to dear Allah.

The learn me to be modest,tolerante,pious,and good and succesfull Muslima,to not be arogant and haughty becasue as much each of them is succesfull in thier feelds Alhamdulillah they are still modest and simple just like Islam tought us Alhamdulillah.

My beloved parents are giving me always everything the best and the most beautiful and they call me thier litlle princces but I always say to them that I am too much modest for all that,and then they laugh becasue I am younger then them and now I am advising them.:)

And they have also learned me that I do not need to do eveything perfect so people can love me like I used to do.Thanks to them I know that unperfect means to be perfect Alhadmulillah.

I love my beloved mumy and duddy soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
much and after Allah and His Prophet Mohammed s.a.v.s. they are the most importante for me.::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252::SMILY252:

And for me my mumy is the most beautiful,sweet,gentle,nice women of Islam and the best Muslima on whole world.

May Allah bless all our parents and give them beautiful Jannah InshAllah.


Your sister Asja

allah is with me

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i love both the most but if i say frankly then it would obviously choose my mother ...because my mother has faced a lot in her life .....and my father is the best but and my mother is the very best and.. muhammad(s.w.a)says:first comes your mother and second comes father ,give importance and love your mother 3 times more then i would love to choose my mother first and second my beloved father


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I love my MOM and my DAD. they have both worked for me and my siblings.....may allah(swt) give them happiness and peace in life, and grant them jannah on judgement day. ameen.


الفقيره الى الله
am gonna say mom

of course i love dad he is so kind and generous but mom is the one who takes care of me and i want to say thanks mom for everything you have done to me.


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I love both my mom and dad, but i have more respect for my mother because she was always there for me and my siblings.She stayed strong through her divorce and helped us through it also. My dad was always a good provider and a hard worker, but hes an alcoholic and was not there for us emotionally and now, he is worse. So even though I love my dad and have compassion for him, I love my mom more. It sounds bad, but it is the truth. But I will never abandon my dad if he needed me, I just don't have the same respect for him that i have for my mom.