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  • heyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Yeh still studying hun :)
    It's cool.. its a llittle tough tbh :$

    Wah about u.. hows ur stuff goin?
    Wa'alaykum salaam behna :D:D

    I hope i do well too inshaAllah.. and i have ur du'aas with em ryt..? then what ould possibly go wrong..?
    .. not really bothered bout the flying colours bit lol.. even if i just pass thats enough for me lol :D:D

    True amal karna ziyaada zaruri hai :)
    inshaAllah that too make du'a for me sister

    love u for Allah's sake ukhtii
    take care inshaAllah

    Wassalaam, jazakAllah for ur comments :)
    As-salaamu'alaykum bhen :D

    kem cho..? hope ur ok inshaAllah.
    Got my exams in 2 weeks now :( please make dua i am stresssiinnng big tym lol

    luvya sis
    Take care

    Wa'alaykum salaam

    Majaa ma lol :D Alhumdulillah im well :)
    Tamu...? u been hanging out with too many bharuch's lol :D
    we say tamai.. are u asking me if im from london right..? lol we'd say tamai london ma ray ke? lol :D

    Naa, main lester ma raim :)
    aalimah class karu, ne tamain....?
    Ghare badha harachai..? Ami abu?

    lol, its baaad i know lol
    jazakAllah khair for dropping by :)

    tti memeber for a bout 1 year and a bit :)
    Salaam alaykum ukhti, kem cho? lol :D

    this si cool, i get to talk to u in guji lol, im a lil over excited lol :D
    sister tell me what r u teach to ur students.nice to meet u.Allah hafiz
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