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I was a big Disney fan myself before I really started reading about the hidden messages in Disney and the effect they have on our minds. I have been kinda commenting around not to watch Disney cartoons and movies and yeah, this is also on the same warning with reasons (don't frown)

From blog ---

Yes, most of us have grown up with Disney, but have we in our conscious minds ever realized the subliminal messages therein?
Our mind is ready to accept, follow and be controlled over what we see and hear rather than what we understand, psychological studies prove. But seeing is not only what is perceived by our conscious mind but what about the perception below our threshold?
Subliminal messages can be rather said as images that are simple containing a hidden information or message that our unconscious mind perceives and we are tend to act on it which rather we would not do ordinarily. Subliminal ideas though originated with the idea of provoking emotions among humans and mainly been thrust into the advertising industry was proven to be ambiguous as it can instill negativity or rather control an individuals mind.The infused pictures or texts or statements are perceived by the unconscious visual and auditory of an individual manipulating without their own knowledge.

Study by professor Nillie Lavie as published in journal Emotion, shows that people are able to process emotional information from subliminal messages and also that in these conditions the mind can perceive the negative information much better than that of the positive values.

What are the reasons for the increased crimes? or I may ask it as what makes peoples' entry into jails increase at present context? Sex, Violence and Artificial drugs. What if these are the messages your mind perceives from your favorite cartoons?

I have uploaded a pictures here:

The video is in the blog in the following link: http://randomthoughtsforim.blogspot.com/2013/10/subliminal-messages-from-disney.html

Now do a bit more of homework you would discover more subliminal messages which are found in almost every Disney movies!

When I came across these stuff on internet for the first time I thought it was mere coincidence and exaggeration by whoever who writes it, but on further study on social psychology and the effects of subliminal messages I began doubting my own thoughts.... I'm not against Disney, but am hoping to make you aware if this is safe for a better future of your kids....

This is not mere coincidence or exaggeration, but this is a plan in manipulating human minds... my very kind request do not allow your kids watch these.!


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I think this is nonsense and people looking way too deep into things. It reminds me when a brother claimed we had satanic symbols on one of the buttons on this site. I won't say what he noticed, except after a while he agreed he might have been a bit immature in his assumptions!

I watched Disney movies as a child, and I think they are great. I never noticed anything sinister at all. Keep in mind they have been around for almost 100 years, and I don't think the cartoons are responsible for any moral decay in society.

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I think it is just one more conspiracy theory, again. I agree with br Mabsoot. Better keep calm with kind of theories. Of course people will see and find what ever kind of message from where ever if they really want to find them.


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^^ Be carefull. Pixar might be (yes we all believe information from The Google Search) also part of Freemasons.

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