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Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu.

Please help me with my problem. When I go to sleep, I say: Bismika Allaahumma amootu wa ahyaa. So I slept without nightmares and the like. One day it all changed (literally), so at most times I say it, I get nightmares and paralysis.

When I don't say it, I don't have any nightmares but sometimes I'm fully paralyzed and I couldn't move, but this doesn't happen as much as when I say the du'a'. One time I said "Aoothu billaah" before my whole body was paralyzed and it stopped. I read Ayatul-Kursi before bed, but it still happens.

Someone told me to get a glass of water and read the three last surahs, and then Ayatul-Kursi. When I drink it I feel stingy!

I tried to ask knowledgeable people about my case but they said I should check with a doctor about this. I'm sad because I don't even know if I'm crazy or it's the idiot shaytaan.

Please tell me what is my problem. Please make du'a' for me.



As-salam'alaikum warahamtu-llah

what you explained, it happens to me most often and I'm so experienced about his, that it doesn't feel anything now, he he

anyways, this is one type of arrest, don't be in one posture for a long time.
it also happens when weather is getting cold, as per my experience.

you can practice the ruqya you told by someone as u said.

or the sunnah is to recite the mu'awwidathan (surah naas, falaq) and surah Ikhals thrice and blow in your hands and rub over your body, insha Allah you'll be protected.

wa-llahu a'lam


Sub Han Allah
Wa alikom alsalam wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakato dear sweet sister Fourteen,

Allah only knows. However, the main & only key to your problem, I believe, is to trust the fact that Allah is with & going to keep you safe no matter what. You have to believe & believe 100% that nothing bad can touch you.

Dear sister, mashaa Allah I guess you are already saying all the right dua'as before you go to sleep. Maybe Shaytan is trying to shake your faith.
You need to be brave.
Trust Allah.
Keep saying the before you sleep Dua'a.
Be patient and believe that, eventually, it will go away.
I suggest you add to your Dua'a " El Rakia al shara'ia". It is a Quranic Dua'a by Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) & it is a protector against all evils, inshaa Allah.
Sweetie, don't despair; never loose HOPE & BELIEF IN ALLAH. :)
Sometimes, Dua'a needs patience & persistence.
Allah tests us sometimes to differentiate the true strong believers from the weak ones.
Plus, seek the help of a shakh. A scholor's input on this mater can be very significante. So don't be shy; it is your right & his/her duty as a scholor, man of deep Islamic knowledge, towards you.

Finally, I want to remind you that Islam is a religion of reason & science.
Therefore, while you continue your Dua'a, consult a specialist. Go see a doctor as there could be an easy medical explanition for this. & Don't be scared, in one point or another, many people can get horrifing nightmares over long periods of time, myself included. :)

May Allah bless you & protect you always
Fi aman Allah
Salamo ALikom


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Jazaakum Allaahu khayran my dear brother and sister...my Allaah bless you in this life and in the next, ameen.

The truth is, I'm scared I will get paralyzed and I would be helpless again! My mom and dad think I'm playing jokes and don't believe me, I told them many times but they gave me Tylenol instead.



Sub Han Allah
Dear sister,
Ask your parents to check with a doctor. Tell them you need to see one.
If the refused, check with the school's doctor.
& seek help at a nearby mosque or a person whom you trust their religous knowledge.
& stay BRAVE :D
May Allah guide you.


to Allah we belong

may Allah bless you sister in both the worlds.

there are two things in life: unseen and seen.

1. for protection from unseen (jinns, evil eye, black magic,etc) recite last 3 surahs, ayat kursi, last 2 verses of surah baqarah ,duas, etc.

2. for the second one, consult a doctor as others advices. or maybe it is sleep paralysis. if you are very sleepy and you still keep thinking and keep your mind awake, it happens. as your mind is not fully awake to control your body.


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:salam2: Sister,

You say this is happening as you are trying to goto sleep? are there any other things that happen? I ask because I wonder if it may be a type of partial seizure. My own seizures started in 2005 without any past history of seizure activity. I'm almost 40 now so it is not unheard of for seizures to suddenly develop, ESPECIALLY since you are growing and your body is rapidly changing. Someone has already suggested that you see a doctor. Please, sister, follow that advice. My own seizures are caused by a bad blood vessel.


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Jazaakum Allaahu khayran saifkhan louly_sweet, ahmed_indian, and JenGiove!!!

Whatever it is I hope Allaah subhaana wa ta'aala removes it Insha' Allaah...I will list my symptoms...when this first happened I couldn't breath, so I was breathing very fast and I went to the hospital. That's why my parents think I'm playing games.

Sometimes I feel......I can't explain it really. Like tiny tiny tiny pointy things are all over me, predominately the upper half of my body. I don't feel pain from it. It's really hard to explain this feeling. If feel kinda aware and like there's a very very very tiny net over me or something...it's really hard to explain. This happens when I sleep.

Also, I don't know if this helps but I noticed sometimes when I shower in hot water, my veins on my arm enlarge when I put my arm to my side, and it has this heavy feeling. This started in 2008 and I had grown a lot in 2009-2010 and I guess the paralysis was common around that time.

I remember having a crash.......as in the way computers crash. I was having a dream about elephants and then it kept saying 'elephants' repeatedly and I even got paralyzed! lol.

Insha' Allaah ta'aala I will see a doctor...