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We live in an age of electronic addiction. From televisions and computers to cell phones and tablets, we're in front of a video screen for many of our waking lives. Child psychology Dr. Bruce Perry has suggested that the “digital nanny” epidemic has been one of the leading reasons for the drop in children's collective attention span. It doesn't have to be that way, however, and adults must set the best instance. Here are a few tips for breaking your electronic habit.

Breaking the digital addiction – Admitting the problem
Having a digital dependency is quite common. Many people spend hours online for work and play, as well as on social networks. At the end of a long day of work, many people crash in from of the television for programs or video games. It’s habit-forming, and plays havoc with both the attention span and the energy level.

Breaking the digital addiction – Beginning detox
Digital detox will no doubt be painful. You’ll need a complete change of routine, whether you remain at home or go on a digital detox retreat. For most, however, the dirty work will be done at home. Try to make it a family goal. Reading books, playing board games, listening to music, exercising, dancing, telling stories and many other things can be done to occupy your family’s time. Give it a try and keep going cold turkey. The added time you’ll spend with others is well worth it, as relationships will be formed and strengthened. You’ll no doubt find that you can think more clearly, too.

Breaking the digital addiction – Detox in increments
It’s important to remain realistic about your digital detox goals. Some people can’t stay away from digital devices completely, due to work or school. That’s why setting aside one or two digital-free days per week is a reasonable way to get started. If you can up the digital-free time more later, great. If not, then you will at least know some time free of the sensory stimulation overload our digital culture provides.

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This reminds me my friend from South Africa. Hers family decided that after sunset they will close all computers, TV etc and spend evening together, the whole family as talking, drinking tea, sharing thoughts and what everyone had done during day and telling some old family stories. Basic meaning was the parents wanted that they children will get some real memories from they childtime from home, not only memories how everyone just sat alone gazing they own screens...