Flag Of Islam?.


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Assalam Alaikum: My Islamic Br's & Sis's.

In India Muslim dominated areas are often adorned with green flags printed with Crescent and Star Emblem, during various occasion including Eid's.

Is this official flag of Islam?. What is significance of this green colour ?.



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I'm not sure why Green. But I know the star & crecent moon is from Ottoman Empire. It is that way here, you can tell a Muslim business or Mosque because of that symbol.

In my opinion, the true flag of Islam is a flag with the Shahaddah.

Um Abdur Rahman

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Sheikh Assim's answer:
Assalamu alaikum,

This is not the official flag and there isn’t any such thing. As for the color green, it has no Islamic meaning to it.


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if i can recall, sahaba (ra) used black and white flag with shahadah on it.

i think green came from the fact that prophet :saw2: liked this colour. and stars and crescents were used from the time when crusaders entered muslim lands with cross on their flags.

and Allah knows best.


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green is basically the present day stain on the dome prophet's :saw: grave.
At the beginning there was no dome, when it was constructed it was some other color then another color and then finally the present day green.

many people in the subcontinent wrongly associated holiness with graves.