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  • I am a revert and, actually, I went to the masjid two weeks ago and officially said the shahadah before the imam and witnesses. I felt like it was my birthday! :D The more I dig into Islam and the Qur'an, the more I am amazed and thankful that Allah SWT has made things easy for us and called us to the straight path, subhanu Allah!

    How is it for you in Georgia? Is your family Muslim, or are you a revert as well?
    Alaykum salaam, ukhti! :) Being a Muslim has not been overly burdensome so far, in Texas. I only get weird looks when people find out my name (quite American sounding). They are shocked when I tell them I am not an Arab, but a mix between black and white! I guess the hijab really makes me look Arab!
    Salam alaykum

    I am fine, thanks for asking. Now quite busy with my garden and teaching. It is possible that next I get job as the teacher of physical education for immigrant women, mostly muslims.

    Oh great, you got the kurta! Though I don't know what your mom is freaking out about. I used to wear only kurtas to work when I was in the US, and all the non-muslims would really like my clothes. They'd be all - "Oh beautiful, gorgeous, oh what pretty colors!" Lol. And that was in a medium sized city in MN, people there aren't *as* tolerant there as other parts. But they used to think I would dress up too formal and professional - which it was, compared to the sweats and stuff they would wear on "Casual fridays."
    You just continue being all "Whatever" whenever you hear any sort of that comment, sis, and you should be fine.
    Awwww, lol! Don't worry, dear.. I used to get that same reaction from my mom when I first put on the hijab. And all my relatives would come over all concerned: "Oh what happened to her? why does she want to be so extreme? She's really becoming an Allah-person." (LIke it was a bad thing). All this from *muslims*. No matter, that was years ago and now my mom herself wears hijab when she goes out. I sometimes wonder "How did this transition happen?"
    Oh hurray, I want to celebrate because our sister alf is staying! :)

    I know! Today, I am what I am a lot due to TTI - when I came on here four years ago, I was a complete ignorant muslim. I didn't know a lot of stuff my family had taught me was just cultural baggage. I had no idea what bidah was. I didn't know all the hadiths I know now. I only knew basic stuff about the five pillars, and that's that. I remember I didn't even know what JazakAllahu Khayr meant, and everyone kept saying 'akhi' 'ukhti', and I didn't know what they meant! I have learned soooooo much here in the past four years - and also, found out about *how* to learn more stuff. You know, like, now I can easily find ebooks online through here and read those, look stuff up in detail on islamqa, go and look up lectures on youtube. If I never came here, I'd still be the ignorant old me :) Alhamdulillah for this place. :)
    How come all the awesome beneficial threads were always from before 2008? All those old members were so knowledgeable, I feel sad they left TTI - we could still be getting so much benefit!

    I went through the article. It does say "the prescribed punishment" would be carried out each time :) Just that the article didn't say prescribed punishment for drinking is lashing. But I like the article and the hadith shows that not overly reprimanding, and yet giving prescribed punishment helps the person to overcome the bad in them.

    Anyway sister, don't leave! *shuts all doors* What, you're crawling out through the window? *Locks the windows* :) There.

    I understand your feelings sis, and I'm sorry to have written that post or VM that put you under anguish. I have very little knowledge, and am bound to make mistakes. I was only thinking that Prophet Lut's community was destroyed for this very reason. Khair, I'll stop this topic now.

    Coming to the hadith here you wrote, I searched for it out of curiosity, and I think its this one you're mentioning right?

    Also click on next, and its the second part you mentioned. So that man was punished by lashing a few times, but still, no one had right to curse him. It is a confusing topic.

    It is? :( Sister, I apologize. I was more interested in the hadiths, and don't really care what they say about the shaykh - I respect him and watch his videos myself, they're really inspirational. But I was only pointing you to the content and hadiths in there.
    Assalamualaikum dear sis,

    I came across this article randomly, and I thought about what you said in the "gay mosque" thread. While the content of the article appears to be sound, I don't know about the person against whom they're saying those things.

    I hope I didn't say anything back in that thread to offend you sis, Wasn't my intention at all.:) I hope you've been well.

    Sorry about the PMs. I banned 'it' last night, but they got to PMing before I'd done so. I feel really bad for everyone getting these types of things. Terrible really =(
    thank you sister,I provided to write to the italian sister who needs help,I hope that it will be helpful.jazak Allahu k
    Wa alaykum Salam,

    JazakAllah khair for your concern sweetie :). Alhamdulillah all is well. My area's pretty safe so the most we experienced was our house shaking. But others experienced so much more like power outages for days, 4 ft floods, houses on fire, etc. We faced something similar with Irene last year so I wasn't too worried but then again, my area usually fares better than others by the Mercy of Allah. Alhamdulillah He protected us. Our prayers are with those whose neighborhoods were turned upside down.

    BarakAllahu feeki again and for the duas. One can never be too cautious of devious people lol
    Assalamu Alikum

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family dear sister
    Wish that Eid ul-Fitr brings happiness, prosperity and joy in your life. :)
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