Guys I need help with the personal recorder 'LivePVR' software


Alsalam alykom brothers and sisters,

Software Name: LivePVR

I have been desperately looking for this software, i could not even find the trail version of this software.

I have actually found couple of versions but they had an expired certificate. Please any professional here can help me find this software? I just want to see how it works and then i might have to buy it from anywhere ^^.. I am really in need for this software to record my lectures at University.

Waiting for your reply guys.. don't let me down am sure you can find it.. i will keep searching Inshallah.

oh by the way, My phone is Nokia e65.

Thank you

Waiting . . .


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walaikum salam.
for those which indicate expired certificate when installation,
this is the solution.
change ur phone date to 2006 before istallation.this will resolve your 'expired certificate'problem.


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Try this version bros.


  • Softtrends.Software Pvt. Ltd.LivePVR.2.7.for.S60 3rd.ChS-
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