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I'm here today
To tell you how
To make much in short time

It may not be cash
It may not be points
But it's something to keep on your mind

For a lot of good deeds
We feel we need
To do things that take lots of work

But it's simple to say
Subhanallah today
And get deeds that will make your lips smirk

and Allhamdulilah
All throughout your day

And you'll get your pay
In deeds today
What more do you want me to say?

Well I'll say add:
La ilaha illallah
And you'll be gleaming still

But don't forget
Allahu Akbar
And your deed list will rack up their fill

Those four words today
Are easy to say
But the deeds they give are many

So if your lips aren't moving
And dhikr aint on your mind
You're racking up less than a penny

Know what the words mean
And keep a good faith
It's easier than counting to eleven

So do dhikr today
And smile and say
'Insha Allah we'll meet all in heaven'.


I'm not what you believe
mashallah!!very good poem and very nice way to remember to say Alhamdulillah!wa salam 'alikukm