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The hijab .

Hijab is a blessing from Allah , to wear it is a act of worship to the Lord. I have chosen to write a bit about hijab ,niqab and non hijab from my experiances and the experiances of those most loved to me .

So what is hijab why do we wear it why do some women not wear it? and what is the niqab? whats the problems faced with the latter?

Bismilahr rahmanir raheem.

Hijab is whats commonly known today as a muslim ladys headscarf , it is given to us by Allah as a law within the holy scripture Quran , we wear it to pray when leaveing the home and when in front of non mahram males, some women choice not to wear it , sadly within the muslim community when a women does not wear a headscarf she is faced with many challengeing problems , i recall the first day i took of my scarf i went into deep sadness and anger grew upon me because i found myself not being able to worship God for i did not feel safe walking where i lived in my hijab due to peoples reactions and horrid looks . However my intention was still in my heart and this is where my dawah begins :

Dear sisters when you see a muslim lady not wearing hijab it does not mean she is any less of a muslim then yourself , the sister might well have the intention of wearing a hijab but due to her circumstances she can not and Allah rewards us for our intentions even if we dont get to do what we intended so the sister may be upon higher rank then you . Instead of asking a sister wheres your hijab why not ask how are you? do u need anything ? .

Niqab is commonly known as the face covering some muslim women wear , why they wear it? as an act of worship . many muslims disagree with the niqab and would not wear it themselfs that is fair enough we all have our own opionion but what i cant abide by is when a muslim sisters is laughed at or mocked by other muslim sisters for wearing niqab yes this has happened to me on many occasions , if a muslim sister does not feel comftable being around her own sisters how can u expect the ummah to come together when all you do is slander a fellow muslimahs dress , or look down upon her for not wearing hijab.

its hard enough being a women we worry about our weight our image etc etc we also do not need people to judge us even further on our hijab niqab or non hijab. This can be so damgeing to ones soul and mind .

I hope we can all look beyond our image and look into eachother hearts and instead of slandering eachother pray for eachother .
I wrote this on behalf of all the muslims women who have suffered from the horrid words of others. i sincerely hope Allah forgives us all and makes the path easy for those who struggle .

And remember Hijab is not only the scarf its also actions how we act modestly ....

Reminding myself first

Your sis