Honor Killing - Are heading back to Quraish era or Islamic era?


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Assalamu - Alaikum!

We live in the era where the world is almost surrounded by Muslim everywhere, and basically, more than 2 billion on Earth. Despite of media promoting somewhat anti image of Islam which has become normal routine, and but the repeatedly of Muslim behavior never help to paint the good image of Islam at all. The most common practice which is honor killing, has finally spreaded in developed Non Muslim nations. Honor Killing is the most haraam practice, and nowhere it's encouraged in Islam, and it never help to the fact that without true knowledge of Holy Qur'aan which only encourages this kind of practice even more.

During Quraish's era - before Islam era, where the culture of killing daughters, honor killing, illicit relationship, and probably a lot worse which i am not comfortable talking about this topic. Let's just say that it was a lot worse during that era. That's why the existence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was especially targetted on Saudi Arabia (Allaah knows best), and at the age of 40, he has received his first revelation from the Gabriel, and the same Gabriel came to Prophet Musa (PBUH). After Holy Qur'aan was revelated, the practice of honor killing...etc, were finally stopped. The new era of Islam was recognized, and found the positive roles and images for women during Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s era, and they were given more respects than Men, Masha'Allaah!

During the Jumuah prayer where i have heard very good sermon once again by Imam - May Allaah rewards him with great blessings, that any parents who disown their children, and treat their children worse especially daughters, will be disowned by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and nor will they be part of Ummaah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has made stern clear about this because parents future are largedly dependable on their children when they grown old.

Then, Imam has mentioned about this great details especially to the fact that children are naive, and children make mistakes, and children usually pick up from the environment of the community, the parents, the family and you name it. Parents responsibilities are to educate them about Moral Standards, and lead by example (this is most important). Sometimes, children take times to understand moral standard, and sometimes, children don't. Parents can't afford to give up on their own children no matter what. Children are bound to make mistakes, and that's how they grow up learning this mistakes from the past, and grow maturely, Alhamdulillah!

Nowadays, parents tend to give up on children especially when they find out about their daughters lifestyle which can be somewhat shocking, but that's expected sometimes especially when children are exposed to the environment of the certain lifestyle that clashes with Islamic lifestyle. That's where Parents need to be patient, and give their children the time to realize their mistakes. Threatening children to kill is unacceptable especially in developed nations where they take very serious about this, and they should. If parents give up, then children are lost forever, and it's important for the parents to lead by an example, and make sure, their children are properly looked after with great care, and proper environment.

Due to the rises of honor killing (which is common in Muslim nations), and abortion (which is common in India), and it appears that we are heading back to the era of Quraish rather than Islam era because during Islam era, women back then, were respected with great measures, and played very defined roles that shaped the progressive nation with great justice system. The media confuses between Islam era, and Quraish era including some anicent era where it's being the most practice in Non Muslim nation which happen to be happen in Asia.

So, please, i encourage parents of the children not to give up on them, and educate them with the best knowledge of Islam, and lead by an example because noone take hypocrite very seriously even if it's their own parents. Firstly, parents must set an example to lead by, and that's how they will win their own children attention without the aggressive teaching method. Islam is very peaceful religion, and Allaah (SWT) shows great mercy on those who show great mercy on other. Praise be to Allaah (SWT) - Lord of the Worlds!

^ My distant relative - Uncle Khalid has passed away in England yesterday because of pneumonia. So, please pray for his forgiveness, and his family. He was very nice man, and honest. So, pray for the nice and honest man. The world has one less nice and honest man now.

May Allaah (SWT) forgives my distant relative - Uncle Khalid, his every sins, and grants him in Jannaah - Paradise - Ever Lasting Beautiful Garden, Ameen!

Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raaji'oon --- "Verily we belong to Allaah, and to Allaah we return."

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