How has learn Quran affected your personal life?


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How has the Quran affected your personal life?​

The Quran is considered to be the most holy book in Islam. It has been preserved through history for a reason – it has great teachings and is incredibly useful for living a better life. While some Muslims do not view it as a religious text but rather as a book of wisdom, there are many ways to learn Quran. You may wish to study it to understand its teachings, or you may want to memorize it for spiritual benefit. Whatever your reason is for learning, there are several methods of learning the Quran and choosing one can seem daunting. If you are seeking a reliable online platform to learn Quran then check out our list of the best online Quran learning platforms to improve your knowledge of this holy book.

Why did you choose to learn the Quran?​

I have always been curious about other religions and wanted to know more about them. I felt that learning the Quran would help me understand Islam better.

How has it helped you understand Islam?​

Learning the Quran has helped me understand Islam better because I now know what Muslims believe, and I can apply what I learn to my life.

How has the Quran affected your personal life?​

  • I have learned so much from the Quran, but the most important thing it taught me is that God is in control.
  • I used to worry about things that weren't even my fault.
  • When I started reading the Quran, I saw that everything happens for a reason. So I just accept things as they are and let God take care of everything else.

What was the best part about learning the Quran?​

The best part was learning the Quranic verses, which are beautiful, and how I can use those verses to guide my life.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering learning the Quran?​

The best way to learn is to start with one verse a day. You don't have to read all of it. Just choose one verse, memorize it, and read it every day.

What is the website you use to learn the Quran?​

I use an online website called Riwaq Al I use their website on my phone and on my tablet.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, after learning more about Islam, I know that I was totally wrong about it. Learning about Islam has given me more respect for my fellow human beings. I now feel ashamed of the prejudice I held against people who practice Islam. Islam teaches us to respect all life, not just our own. The Qur'an even tells us to give the rights of others over ourselves. This makes total sense to me. Islam does not judge anyone. It simply asks us to follow its laws. These laws were written by God, not man. They were not written for people like me. They were written for everyone. I am very sorry I judged Islam like I did. Forgive me.