How Islamic inventors changed the world

Abu Juwairiya

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Sister Cariad, what's your point of disagreement? I would have thought you of all people would not find this offensive and would welcome people to become more religious, more positive minded and interested in seeking a spiritual closeness to the Creator.

I can sense perhaps my words to the effect at the end may have triggered your hostility, but even then the bulk of the article shows I am advocating 'peace' and not an international empire of subjugation, slavery and second class citizenship to all Non Muslims.

When I referred to Muslims as a 'sleeping giant', who will never be beaten, am I speaking about Islam's dominance over the world, no. I was very explicit both holistically and theoretically about the capability of Muslims once they achieve mastery of religion, become closer to Allah and believe in themselves. We can be as good as anyone else, not necessarily superior. If that is what is provoked your reaction and you are against then let this be the last communication between me and you. If it is not then enlighten me and where I am wrong I will apologise.


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Yes it was what you said about dominance over the world. Why do you take this as a personal hostility to you? Please don't say such things.. When you dislike my post I do not take it that you are disliking me my person, just do not like my words. We are more than our words don't you think?

I do not see God in terms of religion, Yeshua never brought a religion, and a religion is not the way to God. People die or are killed in the name of their "religion" every day...wars are started and fought in the cause of "religion". How can this be pleasing to God? ,There are many religions in the world you think they are all wrong except for Islam? That to me sounds like an arrogance. No offence intended... But am saying it as I see. Religions are no more than guide we ourselves can only seek relationship with God as God has chosen to reveal Himself to prophets, so we must discern with our hearts what the prophets told us. I cannot or will not say Islam is wrong or you are wrong to follow it, (as muslims often tell me I am just following lies and corruption) for me I do not see a relationship with God is possible like I have now. But there is good things in Islam as there are in all religions that have God. I ask we celebrate our similarities not fall out over differences.

For me Yeshua said He is the way, so why should I disbelieve Him? In parts of Quran I do not see it say Christianity is not true way to understanding God or that Judaism is not the true way for Jews to understand God. Why does God who created diverse people expect we all should understand Him the same? Yeshua taught the law has no power for salvation, salvation is upon God alone. I see Islam has laws to govern your every waking hour. I don't understand it. I hope to gain more understanding by talking with muslims but not many wish to talk of it to a non muslim.

God has placed me where I am in life. He is the source of my strength if muslims feel this through following Islam then I am happy for that.

Peace upon you Abu Juwairiya