How to make my twins Hafizal Quran


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WE have beautiful twin daughters they just turned 4years old.
we've made a promise to Allah that we will make them hafizal Quran.
Since then we've been trying to find a school or a place of learning . Does any one have a suggestiong ideas or good info. We live in Alberta Canada, but were willing to relocate anywhere in the world. :tti_sister:


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May Allah bless you and your family in both the worlds Aameen

As you are saying that you are ready to fly any where....

I can prefer IIS from India...

They really make the kids AMAZING LITTLE ISLAMIC CHILDREN :) with the help of Allah Azzawajal :) Alhamdulillah

When the kid is passing out from the school, he /she learns lot about Islam and of course the kids become as Hafiz.. :)

So you can call them and clear your doubts I guess Insha Allah..

Try this link..

May Allah bless every one in both the worlds Aameen


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My daughter, 5, knows 5 surah only through recital during bedtime. It didn't take long too. About 2 weeks of her just listening to it, then encouraging her to follow it. And I notice that it gets faster as you progress. I've decided to shift to du'as first now and then return to surahs.