i found the treasure !!!


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salam alykom ,

i 'm currently a student in Sweden , i have been brought up in a Muslim country ,

i really wish to saythat i discovered the greatness of Islam when i come to non mulsim country ,

and i found that i already have a treasure in my hand but unfortunately i didn't know how valuable is it , i was

just pray and fast as a kind of traditions ,,,,,

o' allah please forgive me about the time i wasted in my life ...

and plz brother and sisters we have to be more positive about our Faith and we have to deliver the message of

islam to non-muslim because i 'm sure they are really need it .........:SMILY139:


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AlhamduliAllah for his guidance , most of us grew up with little knoweldge about Islam , but alhamduliAllah due to his mercy a spark of light in one moment makes the truth of Islam so bright so clear , then one start his way on a straight path leading to Janna by the mercy of Allah .

Abu Ibro

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Alhamdu lillah, may Allah continue to guide us and make us understand that time is precious. The messenger of Allah said "two bounties (from Allah) most of people play with are - 'time and good health'. (Reported by Bukhari)