I need some tips to learn the German language


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Assalamou Alykom Warahmatou Allah,

First of all I apologize because my request is far from the main purpose of this forum.

I have recently moved to a German speaking city and my German level is almost null and I need to do an extraordinary effort to learn the language as soon as possible. I was wondering if there is someone here who could give some tips, useful websites, audio material, etc, etc that may help me learn this apparently very difficult language :(

Thank you in advance.


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It's not difficult; try to talk to older people more because they usually only speak German. The young, and educated are almost all fluent in English.

If you are from another part of Europe, like France, then it might be more difficult to learn the language. But you already speak a Germanic language-English, so insha Allah German won't be that difficult. It's not a difficult language if you immerse yourself in the language. I wouldn't live in Germany though, it's very racist-and I say this as a 100% white man who grew up in Germany. The racism there is unbelievable.


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Assalamou Alikom Wrahmatou ALLAH,

Thanks a lot dear brothers.
I feel like I am a German language wiz already :)
Jazakom Allah koll kheer.



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Assalamou Alikom Wrahmatou Allah,

I bought two books :) :
1. "Sprachführer Englisch" (Berlitz) which is a German-to-English book.
2. "L'Allemand de Poche" (Assimil) which is A French-to-German Book.

They are very interesting but both are very elementary but I have to start from the very beginning :)