I Sit Here


Slave of Allah (SWT)

I sit here all alone and my eyes are flooded with tears,
Who is there for me to express my heart’s fears?

I sit here and wait, for soon that day will come,
When I shall have to answer for everything I have done.

I sit here and I wonder what will happen on that day,
When our limbs will speak and our tongue will have no say?

I sit here by myself where nobody can see me cry,
What will I say on that day when one cannot lie?

I sit here and think of my sins that I have committed,
And hope that on that day, that they will be omitted.

I sit here and my heart feels broken in two,
I hope that on that day, my fears will not be true.

I sit here where Allah sees me from above high,
I turn towards Allah, asking for forgiveness and drawing a sigh.

I sit here shivering and hoping that on that day,
Rasulallah (SAW) will not turn his blessed face away.

I sit here and I pray: “Ya Allah! Guide me on the Straight Path.
Make me not of those upon whom You have sent Your Wrath.”

I sit here, close my eyes, and listen to the Qur’an,
“Ya Allah, when I return to You let it be with Imaan.”

I sit here and whilst wiping my tears away,
I ask from Allah one thing: “Don’t let me go astray!”


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Asslamum Alaykum brothers and sisters in islam

Jazzak-Allah Khair sis!:tti_sister:
there is no time left


Striving for Paradise
It is simply beautiful, just beautiful poem. :mashallah:
May Allah reward you for this poem and for sharing it.


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MashaAllah, heart touching & true.
May Allah (swt) keep us all on a strong path towards Him.. Ameen!

Would love to read more by you IshaAllah, keep up the good work.


Pearl of Islaam

Mashallah, it is soooo beautiful poem.

May Allah reword you dear sister for writing poem and for sharing with us. :hearts:

And May Allah subhan wa teala guide u all to the Siratull Mustaqeem, for there is not other Guider except Him, SubhanAllah.