I want to say Goodbye

abou haytam

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My Brothers and Sisters,

I justed wanted to say good-bye to all of you.

Tomorow I am going back to my country (morocco). I am going to start a new muslim life incha allah. please make duaa for me. I will be absent for a while but incha allah for sure i will be around tti.

It was a great pleasure to have known you all, and to have read your threads and posts. Many of you have inspired me greatly. May Allah SWT make you all steadfast on this road to Jannah.

Please forgive me if I hurt any of you. It was truly not my intention.

I entrust you to the care of Allaah, for those who are under His care will never be lost.

you brother Soufian '' Abou Haytam''


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Salam brother,
wish u all the best for things that u do,remember Allah swt that gave us all the best.
dont forget to visit here if u got time.
may Allah swt bless u.amin.



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:salam2: Brother Soufiane

It was nice knowing you. Inchallah I will be coming back too as soon as I graduate, I will be PMing you from time to time to see things are going with you. and may be inchaallah we 'll get toghether when I come back.
may Allah make this transition an easy one for you, and help you be a better muslim.

keep us in your duaa and :salah:



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As-salaamu `alaykum.

Baarak Allaahu feeka, Aboo Haytam. May Allaah reward you for referring people back to the Qur'aan, Sunnah and the Fataawaa of the `Ullemah in their affairs... If more people were like you (with regards to your posts), then these forums would probably be more informative! I love to see users referring matters back to the scholars instead of speaking from their own opinions. And I hate to see such people leave this site...

Akhee I hope to see you here later when you do have the time, but I have one request. Since you are going to be travelling, count me, Suhayb Ibnu Ishfaaq Al-Kashmiri in your du`aas! It is confirmed that the travellers du`aa is one of those that is accepted.

Fi Amaan illaah,

Was-salaamu `alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh


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Abou Islam-qa (couldn't resist)

I second brother Al-Kashmiri

I've not been on TTI very long but in this short space of time i have found your contributions both beneficial and a pleasure to read.

May Allah subhana wa taala continue to strengthen your iman.

Have a safe journey & Take Care .

ps Remember me in your duas


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nooo now whos gonna answer our questions? huh?
Man Im gonna miss reading your posts, u were one of the coolest members. I look forward to reading your posts again inshala once you settle in Morrocco.
Have a safe trip, please remember me as well in your dua, just say bintul islam in your dua, Allah sw knows who I am...
p.s you are forgiven (as if you done something offensive) and we hope you forgive us as well.

Fi aman Allah,
Your lil sister bintul islam


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:salah::tti_sister:May Allah Subhanna wa Ta'ala keep you safe on your journey .Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

As akhi Al-Kashmiri request
Akhee I hope to see you here later when you do have the time, but I have one request. Since you are going to be travelling, count me, Suhayb Ibnu Ishfaaq Al-Kashmiri in your du`aas! It is confirmed that the travellers du`aa is one of those that is accepted.

I would love to add in,, :salah::tti_sister:please supplicates for all of Ummah worldwide too and bring us all back to following Quran and Sunnah and guide us to siratul mustaqeem till its time to meet him...Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen



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Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, :) I wish to see you soon inshaAllah, as I have not had much time to interact and benefit from you.

Let us know how everything goes. inshaAllah,

wasalam! Allah make your journey safe and ease your life in correct way .. and give you jannah... (and ditto what al-Kashmiri said, make dua for us!! )


Smile you are @ TTI
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salaam alikom

May Allah make your travelling and your new life inshaAllah easy and full of good deeds, adding my voice to Alkashmiri , and mabsoot dont forget us in your duaa while travelling,

Wa salaam alikom


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:salam2:nchallah natmanna lak al amn wa al baraka fi hayatek al jadida ya kho!athallalna fi rouhek akhi trik asslaama!;)i hope to see you soon inshallah i learned a lot by reading your posts,may allah reward youi for your effort,allah swt hafiz


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Thanks and have nice journel back. Spend us some pictures of the city if you ever have time. May Allah SWT reward you for the help you provide for us. Thanks and have a safe trip back!!


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I hates goodbye...
because,it make me cry..
wish to u all happy in ur life..
thx 4 everything,
PS:please keep us posted on everything


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asalam alaikum :hijabi:

your doing what my hubbys been wishing to do for many years.

inshallah you have a safe journey and that you settle quickly in morocco. my hubby is from morocco in casa and feels homesick quite often.

wa salam:SMILY139:


:salam2: Brother
May Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) make ur new life easy and help you to make your Iman STRONG inshaAllah..
just remember one thing that there is a family waiting for you to visit again...dont forget to remember us in ur duas...:SMILY286: