Is it a test or punishment


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Many Muslims now live in that I am in a test and thats why they are not getting what they want. But is it really a test?? Or a punishment? This is happening to the brotherhood now. This is happening to a single person who did not get married yet. This is happening to Syria. This is happening with somebody who is looking for a job.

Yes Muslims are tested but lets take an example of a person who is tested from a hadeeth, in a Hadeeth Narrated Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri and Abu Huraira:
The Prophet () said, "No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even if it were the prick he receives from a thorn, but that Allah expiates some of his sins for that." Bukhari

Pls be careful here, our prophet prayers and peace be upon him gave us an examples of things that out of our hands such a disease. sadness ...etc

Now what about the stuff that in our hands, such not following the commands of the prophet prayers and peace be upon him, we all know what happened in the battle of Ohod and how the Muslims were defeated because few companions did not follow the commands of our prophet prayers and peace be upon him. In surat Alsshura verse 30 Allah says in the Quran that whatever calimaty or misforune strike happens to you, thats because of your actions and Allah fogive many of these mistakes. In the books of tafaser such Tabari these calamities are punishments because of our sins.

Lets take few examples
For single brothers or sisters,
Lets start with sisters, In different ahadeeth I will gather the conditions for a person who should not be rejected it says if a person who is:
1- Satisfy with his deen and manners (though manners from deen but some people will show deen but they don have manners)
2- Have enough money to support a family (not owning a house or have 2013 car)
3- Accept the way he looks (Not Brad Pit)

Then accept him., now if you dont accept the advice of our prophet dont complain that you are not married yet and still single.

For single brothers;
1- Accept her look (Not Angelena Joli)
2- Good deen and manners
3- obey you in Hallal
4- A smilly perosn who will make you always comfortable

Then marry her. If you want a super pretty woman then pay her taxes. Now for brothers who dont lower their gaze it is a disease and they will never find a woman pretty because their beauty level raised a lot and even if they find her after a while they will not find her attractive any more because they are slaves to their desires and will look for some one else. These are also sins that you will get punished with in this dunia if Allah loves you. No excuses dont say I cant control myself. Cut off the reasons, if it is the computer sell it and use it in public libraries or cafes. You have to do what you can to avoid the sin as we sated before in another article.

For people who were engaged or married and liked each other but got separtated there is a hadeeth that says it is because a sin of one of them. Brothers and sisters we have to admit it, we are human we make mistakes and repent. We are not like Iblees who is arrogant and kept insisting on the sin till Allah took him away from his mercy. I made this mistake and I admit it, then repented and I hope Allah will forgive me.

Another example brotherhood

We all saw how Morsi shake hands with women, Did not forbid liqueur, Sat with Israelies as their is nothing between us....etc here is the result.

Final example Syria,
Are they fighting for the sake of Allah or to have a better living such the french revolution and so on?
Are they steeling?
Are their people there who have the thinking of the Khawarij and they will not even listen to the opinons of the companions?
Is there prostitution?
Are they fighting to protect the women and children from Assad or to take control ?

We should be honest with ourselves and evaluate our actions, repent from our sins and face them otherwise we will keep deny then and get shocked with mountains of sins in the day of judgment. Allah knows best wa Al salam Alikom wa rahmato allah wa barakatoh w alhamdo lilah rab Al alameen.