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As-salaamu Alaikum brothers and sisters!

I have a simple question. I know it is Sunnah for males to grow a beard and all that. And I could possibly be getting a job that would require me to shave my cheeks (from what the gentleman said). And it includes keeping the sideburns not past the ears. I can keep the moustache and the goatee, but not the hair on the cheeks and I'm assuming the hair on the jawline too.

Is this okay? Or should I reject the job even if I am hired because of the Sunnah?


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Allah knows best, however i just wanted to clarfiy that keeping the beard is not sunnah, but wajib i.e. obligatory, i pray that the brothers and sisters here can advise you in the best of interest with regards to the deen. I do not want to comment just yet, as there are more knowledgeable brothers and sisters here than men.

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at the end of the day it hair shave it or not it hair so why does your job need you to shave it??? well i would say NO but that just me lol get the job dont shave it ,is it that you cant have both or maybe you can...
hears a video and it not really a sunnah it like me and the hijab its not a can but a must....

here a video hope it helps


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Look for another job if you can. However if that's not possible, then leave as much beard as you can (like keeping mustache and goatee). God doesn't want to torture us and your intentions matter the most to Him. So many people who have a full beard but are filled with filth and so many people who shave and they are humble servants of god.